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Badge Guide: [HHE] The Vintage PC Fixer

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [HHE] Welcome Lounge
Room Owner: globalgames24

Written By: Snatchem / Graphics By: —

Step 1

Activate the “Habbo History Exhibition” quest on the quest menu to begin.

Step 2

Wear the badge Frank’s task to complete this quest.
Note: This badge was achieved in the Habbo History game.

Activate the next quest.

Step 3

Go to the Navigator and go to the [HHE] Welcome Lounge.

Once in the room, say tele7 to teleport, then enter the teleporter.

Step 4

Wait patiently in the queue.
Note: You have 3 minutes to complete the following game.

Step 5

You now have to move over 5 tool boxes within the game. Each time you collect a toolbox, it will move to a new location. Your head will continuously rotate, to move your user, you will need to click the green ball above your users head, which will stop rotating your users head and you will start moving automatically in the direction your user is facing, to stop moving click the ball again and it will make the ball turn red. Once you have collected 5 toolboxes you will automatically win and receive your badge and prizes.

Step 6

Wear the badge The Vintage PC Fixer to complete this quest.
You will receive 1000 Golden Fishes upon completion.