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Agency News: 08 JAN 24

UN_Founder – UN Allies with HDA and INT

On the 23rd of December, UN became allied with both Interpol (INT) and Habbo Defense Agency (HDA). Join me in congratulating and wishing them luck on their newest Journeys!

Date: 23 DEC 23


On the 27th of December a new Agency popped up on the Habbo Work Floor! This being the National Intelligence Services, owned by IMightBeTheBest. Having a ton of experience in leadership and being on the agency floor, Mr. IMightBeTheBest is highly certain of the success that will be his freshly opened Agency! 

The original plan was to fully open the doors on the 1st of January, 2024, however due to personal reasons this has been pushed back to mid-January/early-February. Until that day comes, they are accepting transfers and interviews to increase their personnel numbers at an early stage and slowly start filling their leadership positions. 

Personally having spoken to the in-Charge, Mr. IMightBeTheBest, I can attest to the fact that it is surely an agency worth paying a visit and stopping by to say hello! We look forward to see the steps he will make!

Date: 27 DEC 23

SS-Director – The SS Annual Awards 2023

The Secret Service will be hosting a big event, “The SS Annual Awards 2023” and has invited USDF to come along. Will be accessible through a teleporter in the HQ.

Additional Information:
The event will have a dress code of black and white, and will be hosting multiple games.

Date: 30 DEC 23


On January 1st, 2024, the SWAT announced 7 new admins to the organization kicking off their new year.

Additional Information:
Daggary, Senior Founder of SWAT, announced 7 new admins on Discord to join the organization.
Here are the new SWAT admins:
– XxTheCleverxX, Badge Admin to Detectives
– ChoobbiTheCat, Badge Admin to Intelligence
– pamelamae56, Badge Admin to Intelligence
– pamelamae56, Points Admin
– sarahyuki, Rank Seller
– Abaigeal, Web Admin
– Lion-City-Roar, Web Admin

Date: 01 JAN 24


SECAF Owen? made a post in announcements that DoAF will be closing their doors. They have mentioned a few reasons behind this, but also because of Habbo’s decline in activity.

Additional Information:
Closure of DoAF will be taking place on 07 JAN 24.

Date: 03 JAN 24

INTFoundation – New Trial Elective

Two days ago a respected member of Interpol got promoted to Trial Elective. BlueSkull earned this new position by delivering exceptional work for Interpol and got appointed by Zachh, the owner of Interpol.

Date: 05 JAN 24

SWAT-Foundation – General Meeting Notes

 On the 7th of January, 2024, the Special Weapons And Tactics team held a meeting to discuss statistics of the month December and to announce several changes in their in-Charge (iC) team, as well as privileges added to some personnel.

Additional Information:
– Promotions: 92
– Trainings: 9
– Transfers: 5
– Sales: 8
– Donations: 2,722 coins
– Coins Spent: 1,940 coins

Events in December:
– Winter Wonderland, a game of ‘Don’t Wake up Santa’, together with CIA.
– Save Christmas, a maze built together with MoM.

In Charge Updates:
​- 4r1ja has stepped down from 3iC, to continue as a regular SWAT Member.
– SarahSmithBAN has retired due to real life commitments.
– _Kameron_ has returned to SWAT as an 3iC.

In Charge Promotions:
​- Pamelamae56 – Head Cabinet (4iC)
– Sero. – Executive Directorate (3iC)
– ChoobbiTheCat – Senior Directorate (3iC)
– XxTheCleverxX – Junior Directorate (3iC)
– Abaigael – Executive OAA (2iC)
– Sarahyuki – Executive CC (1iC)
– Lion-City-ROAR – Senior CC (1iC)

Administrational Updates:
– Detective Badge Admin granted to: XxTheCleverxX
– Intelligence Badge Admin granted to: ChoobbiTheCat, Pamelamae56
– Points Admin granted to: Pamelamae56
– Web Admin granted to: Abaigeal, Lion-City-ROAR
– Rank Seller granted to: Sarahyuki

Date: 07 JAN 24