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Habbo Player Safety

Written By: -Grogu & GoodTop
Graphics By: Beth & -Eils


Habbo is a very enjoyable and interactive community, with players from all over the world. It is unfortunate that amongst the players in the community, there are malicious actors who deter the majority from having fun by compromising their safety. A community that we all hold so dear and near to our hearts must be kept safe so that all users can have fun and enjoy the platform collectively. 

With the constantly evolving world of online gaming, such as games like Habbo or new concepts like the meta-verse, becoming more advanced with time, it is becoming the norm for our personal information and data to be stored on our devices, it is cardinal that we protect ourselves and that information! Your information should remain exactly that – yours.  We often have the belief that internet security is only relevant for companies or people with influence, but nowadays, online security is important for everyone, as there are individuals who unfortunately use resources and personal information to harm others.

Online safety tools have become more readily available to help protect us, but did you know that a lot of factors related to online protection depend on us? That’s right, but don’t worry, because in this article we’ll give you tips on how to protect yourself online!

Habbo x Security Safe

Within your Habbo experience, it is very important to always be aware of how to safely interact with others. Always remember that you do not know the person on the other side of the screen, and there is information that, when disclosed, can be very risky.

Did you know that your information is very valuable these days? Yes, your personal data leaking is useful for hackers and scammers for several reasons. Hackers can use your personal information to take over your Habbo account and possibly other accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and banking apps).  Scammers may use your personal information for Identity Theft, blackmail, and extortion. These factors could lead to an invasion of your privacy and put you as well as your friends & family at risk of harm.

Interested in learning more about how you could protect yourself online? Take a look at our top tips below!

Protect your personal information

It is important to understand that online friendships must always remain online; disclosing information such as Full Name, Home Address, and E-mail, among others can be dangerous. Possible risks of sharing personal information include being harassed, bullied, stalked, blackmailed, or threatened. There are individuals who use their time to profile Habbo users, which involves collecting pockets of information about a user until they have developed a full profile. Victims of this form of exploitation are most commonly vulnerable users such as minors. They may then post this information online. Be aware of individuals who casually bring up questions about your personal information – they are not your friends. Protecting your personal information requires you to be vigilant whilst simultaneously being aware of who you are interacting with to avoid becoming a victim.

Look out for threats online

Although there are many online protection tools; such as VPNs, Anti-Virus, Password Managers, and Two Factor Authenticators, your judgement should always be used alongside these tools to decide whether something is dangerous or suspicious. Habbos must always analyze what is happening, for example, if an individual sends unknown links, asks for personal information, photos, and webcam, or even offers you free rewards (coins/prizes, new Habbo versions, and “staff rights”)  this is likely a scam and must be reported immediately. Utilizing the Habbo report tool is an effective method to ensure that other Habbos will not be subject to threats. You also have the option to send a Help Request which will be sent to the Habbo Moderation Team for review. If you notice something suspicious or out of line, you are highly encouraged to make a report. Protect yourself and other Habbos and collectively we will be able to foster a safer community with minimized threats.

Always use strong passwords

Simple passwords such as “12345678” or “yourname123” can be easily obtained by hackers and scammers using tools such as AI and hacking programs. In short, easy passwords are easy to guess. It is much better to use unique and complex passwords. Ways to make passwords hard to obtain would be to use a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. We recommend creating a complicated, 12-character password or using a trusted password generator to strengthen your Habbo account. If you are somebody who avoids creating a strong password as you worry you will forget it then fear not, password managers exist and if you do your research you will find the right site that works for you.

Protect your devices

Leaving your device unprotected opens up a huge area of vulnerability in your Habbo account, so it is very important to always look for resources to protect yourself. Always update applications and your operating system, and use anti-virus systems and VPNs if necessary.

Habbo Security Resources

Habbo also provides some security resources that are really important to activate, granting you a reduction in the risk of account takeovers and providing additional security for your account. 

One of the resources is two-factor authentication (2FA), which is responsible for double-checking new logins and account alterations, this resource will always ask you for a code generated in your Authentication App, Phone Number, or E-mail, making sure you’re the person trying to log in or making any changes. More information on how to set up the 2FA can be found here.

The second resource is the Account Safety Lock, which is a resource that allows you to add some Security Questions for your account, and in case someone steals your password and tries to log in, Habbo will ask those questions and the person needs to answer to continue. In case the Security Questions fails, Habbo will lock up your account and any resources the person could use, such as trading, password/e-mail changes, etc.

To activate the Safety Lock, you’ll need to log in to the Habbo website, click your username/avatar button, click settings, and then Account Protection. Inside this page, you’ll be able to Activate the resource and set up your Safety Questions. You can find more information by clicking here, and you can directly access the Account Protection website here.

The subject of online safety is a very broad one, but these are some tips that can help you stay safe online. Below you will also find some Habbo Help resources:

Habbo Safety Guide: LINK

Habbo Way: LINK

Game Support: LINK

Please see our other Online Safety Articles for in-depth explanations and guides to keeping safe on Habbo! We hope you found this article useful. If you learned something today be sure to click the like button. Habbo is a community that is valued by many, and if each of us takes the time and effort to safeguard ourselves as well as our personal information; Habbo will continue to be a game that welcomes new users and thrives from positivity amongst its’ people. Protect yourself, protect the community, and be safe online. Thank you for reading.  

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