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Agency News: 07 NOV 23

Adam.. – New Agency [E] Enclave Opened!

On Tuesday 7th of November 2023, a new agency called Enclave was opened on It was founded by the user Adam.. and they are a role-playing agency. Their HQ is spacious with a classic look to it, ready for their new workers.

Date: 07 Nov 23

HDA Halloween Magazine

HDA have recently released a Halloween special magazine which contains some of the latest promotions, events, HDA pets and much more! It filled up their month of October which was worked on by their JE/SE Leadership team.

Date: 10 Nov 23

DoAF New HQ!

DoAF has announced its new HQ. That was announced by their CJCS themselves. From what he announced, they overhauled the design and went for a compact look. They also divided the floor to keep the Spacemen away from the Air Force.

Date: 11 Nov 23

United Nations Announces Joining the CIW-T

The United Nations has announced  the fourth signatory ceremony of the CIW-T (Condemnation of Illegal Warfare Treaty). They will be joining the current members: HDA, INT, MinDef, CIA and DoAF.

Date: 12 Nov 23

SS-DIRECTOR – New Trial Moderator Promotions

SS have promoted four new Trial Moderators! Congratulations to Xarith, siz3ns, Jizo and K-0!

Date: 14 Nov 23

UN_Founder – Long Time Member Retiring

Main Owner AbbieCandy is retiring. She is leaving her position after 7 years in the organization.

Date: 18 Nov 23

INTFoundation – Returning iC/Director of OOA

The Interpol announced that one of their electives, cute.jennifer-lopez, will be re-appointed into the role as Director of OOA. The organization and foundation team are very excited to have her back from her time away.

Date: 18 Nov 23