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Agency News: 13 – 22 Feb 24

Terrorization – UK Government, Maze Event

The UK Government is hosting a maze in their HQ as part of their Valentine’s Celebrations. The maze is accessed from a wooden gate, next to a royal guard. Whilst the maze is short, it can be tricky to complete- especially with the moving ducks and turning gate! It’s great to see a young organisation thriving and engaging with the Habbo Community. Maybe we can see some USDF personnel on that list! You have until 3pm EST on 18 FEB 24 to enter.

Additional Information:
Prizes available:
1st Place: 50c + HC Box
2x Random HC Boxes to other participants!

Date: 14 FEB 24

INTFoundation – Interpol iC Trial Completion

Two Trial iC’s have passed their trials. Protestor32 will be Executive Committee in the Executives division and ,SamyyCB will be Director of Entertainment in the Board of Directors division. Congratulations to you both!

Date: 16 FEB 24

FBI NW3C and INT – Lunar Spectacular Event

FBI and INT are hosting a Lunar Spectacular event on 23 FEB 24. There are going to be different games and a radio giveaway. They hope to see us there!

Date: 17 FEB 24

UN_Founder – UN Celebration Giveaway

UN is celebrating their tenth anniversary by giving away 100C and an HC Box through a Twitter giveaway. This ends on 22 FEB 24 at 6PM GMT.

Additional Information:
Additional information can be found on Twitter @OfficialHabboUN

Date: 19 FEB 24

SS_Director – SS Trial Supreme Command Promotions

Secret Service (SS) recently promoted four members as Trial Supreme Command! These include: Jizo | Siz3ns | Jx- | Xarith. The USDF congratulates them on their promotion and we all look forward to seeing what they achieve next.

Date: 19 FEB 24

PDRM-Director – PDRM Don’t Hit The Wall Event

PDRM will be holding an event featuring the game Don’t Hit The Wall. There will be prizes for the winners!

Date: 20 FEB 24

FBIPremier – Director Appointment

The FBI have appointed thezield as second in charge of the Transfer Unit. He joins rayyy_2131 in the unit command.

Date: 20 FEB 24

Ministry.HQ – Royal Navy – RN Has Closed

Despite a recent change in ownership, the Royal Navy has decided to close its military.

Additional Information:
We wish them well in all future endeavors.

Date: 21 FEB 24