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Agency News: 14 JAN 24


After 8 long years, Habbo Defense Agency is sadly closing their doors. INT and HDA will officially merge. Details of an event to be hosted in honor of HDA will come to follow.

Additional Information:
As they join the following changes will be made:
andmandawaslike : Agency Owner / Founder
XxThexCodexX: Foundation Advisor

Date: 08 JAN 24

DoD_USA – Department of Defense Opening

The Department of Defense has opened their doors today! They can be found with their RC DoD_USA and were happy to share the news of their opening with us!

Date: 08 JAN 24

SS-Director – SS Shout It Out Event

On January 19th, the Secret Service will be hosting a Shout it Out event. This is an interactive game where the host will pick a theme and players must shout out answers to the theme while an item on a roller is in front of them.

Additional Information:
19 JAN 24 – 9:30am EST

Date: 12 JAN 24

HDA-Mother – HDA’s Closing Events

Unfortunately Habbo Defense Agency which has been opened for almost 8 years announced on 08 Jan 24 that they will be closing their doors on 14 Jan 24. They have invited us to join them on 13 Jan 24 at 2pm GMT for their Closing Events. They will be hosting Fridge game, Balloon game and Heaven or Hell with 50 credit prizes. Come join us as we say farewell to HDA and welcome them as our allies as they merge with Interpol.

Additional Information:
When: 13 Jan 24 2:00pm GMT (9:00am EST)
Where: HDA Base

Date: 13 JAN 24

INTFoundation – Interpol Unveils Their New HQ

Yesterday, 13 JAN 24, Interpol unveiled a new base layout! Their new layout includes a variety of new features, including a wired elevator using the red tile found on the lower right corner of the room!

Date: 14 JAN 24

FBI-Premier – New 2iC of ERA

Today, FBI appointed a Miaraf as their new 2iC of External Relations Affairs. Congratulations!

Date: 14 JAN 24