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Agency News: 15 – 29 JAN 24

INTFoundation – INT elects a new member of the Presidential Division

Interpol recently announced that hasan571999 has passed their trial as Chief of Statistics and is now officially a member of the Presidential Division.

Date: 15 JAN 24

Central1 – Directorate Retirement

Directorate Keelan has unfortunately decided to retire. Keelan has been part of the CIA for nearly a year now and has zoomed his way through the ranks all the way up to Directorate.

Additional Information:
He has always been there for CIA helping the agency through these actions as well as his contributions to base, pay, donations, as well as the people overall.

Date: 18 JAN 24

PDRM-Director – PDRM Go-Kart Event

PDRM has invited USDF to participate in their Go-Kart event, You can make your entrance at the PDRM base using the Metro Entrance teleport. Join them for an unforgettable day of high-speed fun, where the only limit is the finish line.

Date: 24 JAN 24

Central1 – iC update CIA

The CIA announced 2 new iC members joining the organization. Roxxy02 was promoted to Trial Diplomat and eaaxsnn was promoted to Trial Governor. They also said goodbye to former 4iC steverocker.alt.

Date: 26 JAN 24

kittensaregods – MoM x HIA Event Today!

The Ministry of Magic and the Habbo Intelligence Agency are having a joint event today (27 JAN 24). This event is occurring at 9PM GMT (4PM EST). This event is open to the public.

Date: 27 JAN 24

kittensaregods & SWAT-Foundation – MOM & SWAT Become Allies!!

The Ministry of Magic and Special Weapons and Tactics are now allies. They are now able to go into each other’s HQ as long as each of them reach a certain rank or possess the correct badges. We wish them best of luck and their alliance, and hope to see more from both organizations in the future. HOOAH!

Date: 28 JAN 24

Central1 – CIA Notice of Closure

CIA has officially announced that it will be closing its doors. They cite internal issues as their main reason for closure. We wish them all the best and are sad to see them go!

Additional Information:
CIA will officially close on 30 JAN 24

Date: 29 JAN 24