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Agency News: 19 MAR 24 – 01 APR 24


The FBI has announced a new ambassador to the USDF – Ms. rayyy_2131. This promotion, communicated through Discord, has been long-awaited. According to the statement, Ms. rayyy_2131 has been a “great example” for everyone within and outside the FBI, contributing immensely to the recent success of the FBI’s External Relations Affairs (ERA). Director of the ERA, Ms. Miaraf also expressed that since joining ERA, they have seen the new ambassador make connections within the USDF and it’s external affairs office, OISA; and is “happy and proud” that they have always fulfilled their responsibilities as a representative before this, and thus this promotion is an extremely deserving one.

Additional Information:
We wish the new ambassador the best of luck in their endeavors! May their tenure be marked by fruitful cooperation and advancing shared goals of security and prosperity between the two organizations.

Date: 19 MAR 24

HIA.Founders – HIA Announces Four New Full Diplomats

The Habbo Intelligence Agency (HIA) has fully appointed four new diplomats. In their Community Wing they appointed Davvy and Porters. In their Delegation Wing they appointed Black_Onyx6 and GEFALT2.

Date: 23 MAR 24

SWAT-Foundation – SWAT and NSA Collaboration Event

SWAT is collaborating with NSA for an event in early April! It’s a Balloon event and invite is open to everyone. 20c per round. Head over there on that day if you can to support!

Additional Information:
Happening on 06 APR 24 at 5PM – GMT+8

Date: 25 MAR 24

SS-Director – Grocery Shopping Event

Made a small trip to the Secret Service today, they have wrapped up Easter for the month of March and back to regular business. During my visit, Ms. has informed me of their upcoming event on Friday – Grocery Shopping! This sounds interestingly enough to join and support. I look forward to it.

Additional Information:
This is going to be hosted on 05 APR 24 around 2PM GMT, best to head there around quarter of the hour.

Date: 01 APR 24