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Agency News: 23 Feb 24 – 04 Mar 24

Xx.:Abbas:.xX – Federal Security for Closure

The Foundation of FS has announced that the agency will close its doors, effective immediately. This decision was made after a thorough internal review, putting a spotlight on several Foundation and Director shortcomings.

Additional Information:
The Foundation of FS have also announced that they will be working on another project that should open its doors very soon – the transition should be one month from now for all of the FS personnel.

Date: 03 MAR 24

PDRM-Director – PDRM Falling Furni Event

PDRM is hosting yet another event, this time it is Falling Furni! There will be 5 rounds of Falling Furni tomorrow, Wednesday at 9:40AM EST with a prize pool of 100c to be won. Everyone is invited!

Date: 28 FEB 24

UN_Founder – New Room of United Nations For Events

 The United Nations created a new room for events! It was used for their 10th anniversary events and they are transforming it into their new official events room. They’ll be announcing an event in this room soon, with a Radio DJ and BIG prizes to be won!

Additional Information:
The room owner is currently “Adam!” and the room can be found by searching that username.

Date: 25 FEB 24

HM-Government – Knighting Ceremony

The UK has formally invited everyone to come and attend their Knighting Ceremony. During a Knighting Ceremony, several members of their organization will receive a peerage and medals!

Date: 02 MAR 24

SS-Director – Secret Service Emoji Song Guess

The Secret Service is having an ongoing Discord event that includes participants attempting to guess a song using given emojis within a set time frame.

Additional Information:
This event was hosted using the SS Entertainment Discord server.

Date: 29 FEB 24 – 04 MAR 24

HM-Government – UK Open Parliament

The United Kingdom Government is hosting an open parliament after the knighting ceremony and have formally invited USDF to attend.

Date: 02 MAR 24

HIA.Founders – Newly Appointed Director of External Relations

Upon the previous Director of External Relations (Cara) taking Veteran Status, the spot opened up for a new member of personnel to take the reigns over the External Relations department. None other than louisjaii got appointed to the position of Director of HIA External Relations.

Additional Information:
We wish louisjaii all the best during their tenure as freshly appointed Director for External Relations and hope to see him thrive in his new role!

Date: 25 FEB 24

UN_Founder – New Trial OOA

Carlos (DarkDeath) completed his pre-trial. He is now moving on to Trial OOA. Congratulations to him!

Date: 25 FEB 24

INTFoundation – Interpol 4iC Trial Period Completion

AbsolutSlayer has passed his trial period as Director of Development and is now officially a member of the Board of Directors (4ic). Be sure to congratulate him on this if you see him within our HQ or their HQ!

Date: 26 FEB 24