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Agency News: 30 Jan – 12 Feb 24

SWAT-Foundation – New EA Director

After some time, they are excited to announce the new EA director of SWAT. The new EA Director is Shawn aka Scofflaw. They chose him, because he has a lot of previous experiences within other agencies.

Date: 01 FEB 24

SWAT-Foundation – SWAT Welcomes Back Four Key Members

SWAT proudly announces the return of Scofflaw, SarahSmithBAN, soulfy, and daniel | exact to its Trial Cabinet in command roles. The experienced quartet’s reintegration is set to enhance SWAT’s strategic capabilities and contribute to the organization’s ongoing success. Their proven track record and dedication make them valuable assets as SWAT continues to strengthen its leadership team.

Additional Information:
SWAT has expanded its family by welcoming two exceptional individuals into key roles. Florescence joins as Trial Directorate, while X.Sammi.X takes on the role of Trial OOA.

Date: 01 FEB 24

acemdrahma67 – NSA Reopen their agency

NSA have just recently re-launched their agency after being closed for 2.5 years with a brand new HQ and a new founder – acemdrahma67. Wish them all the best for their re-opening!

Additional Information:
Official announcement about upcoming events will be brought up after their ET conduct their first meeting.

Date: 02 FEB 24

INTFoundation – The Cosmos of Valentine!

 In February 2024, Interpool announced that this month they will be holding a Valentine’s Day event called The Cosmos of Valentine!. It was also mentioned that 20c will be awarded per round. This event will be divided into 4 sections and will take place at 3 p.m. GMT.
1. Flower Cart Bingo [04/02/2024]
2. Candy Bot Races [10/02/2024]
3. Plushy Rolling Tiles [11/02/2024]
4. Couple’s Parkour [13/02/2024]

Date: 02 FEB 24


The FBI has kicked off the New Year by tapping into their organization and creating a new edition of the “Federal Times.” FBI staff members have set New Year’s resolutions to “Lose weight, troll less, and make new friends.” Additionally, they are celebrating their 3rd place position within the IFL Youth League. The Federal Times includes some puzzles if you wish to take a look and try your hand at spotting the differences.

Additional Information:
The Federal Times has also included some interviews and celebrated a birthday in January. It’s worth reading through to learn a little about our friends in the FBI! You can check it out yourself here.

Date: 06 FEB 24


Congratulations are in order to Maria (mariexuhhh) for reaching 2,400,000 rank points and will be now representing UN as an NA Owner! In addition, Carlos (DarkDeath) is also to be congratulated after reaching 1,200,000 rank points, and will now be representing UN as a new NA Pre-Trial OOA, promoting him to the Foundation team! Excellent work by both members of our ally!

Date: 06 FEB 24

Ministry.HQ – RN changed to new HQ

Royal Navy switched to the new HQ.

Date: 08 FEB 24

FBI-Premier – FBI In-Command Promotions

The Federal Bureau of Investigations underwent some changes in their ‘In-Command’ ranks. All of which have been promotions in their Directorate Division, OPR Division, Ownership, and Foundation.

Date: 10 FEB 24