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Ancient Egyptian Room Building Competition

Written By: xexion / Graphics By: d-gen


This Habboween, we are having a scary time in tombs. Everyone knows how dangerous this can be. Pyramids are known for having all kinds of curses to doom the ones that dare to intrude.

Which curse will you encounter inside the pyramid? Please show it to us by building it in a room!


Create and build a room inspired by an Egyptian curse. It can be a known curse or one that you made up. Be creative!


  1. This is a group competition. You can only participate as a group with a maximum of 4 people.
  2. Create and build a room inspired by an Egyptian curse. It can be an existing or an invented curse. Be creative!
  3. This is a building competition.
  4. You can use BC furni and blocks to build the room.
  5. When the room is finished, please screenshot it with the room settings window open, upload it to a public site, and send the link to us in the poll present in the Theatre. In the poll, include the names of the group members, the curse name that inspired your room, the link to the room, and the link to the room’s image.
  6. The deadline for all submissions is 26th October.


  • All valid entries will get an exclusive badge!
  • Top 10 rooms will win a rare Baby Penguin and a Candle Hat!
  • 1st place will win rare Winged Arms!