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Fae Farm Quest 1

Written By: -Eils
Graphics By: -Eils

Up until April 2nd, you can purchase the new Collectives in the Habbo Shop. Head to Clothing > NEW: Seasonal Currency Collectibles! to find them. 

You need Flowers (Seasonal Currency) to buy these, which can be acquired by buying them from Habbo’s website or completing daily quests. Each quest is available for approximately 72 hours.


Step 1

Activate the Fae Farm Quest! on the Quests menu.

Step 2

For the first stage of the quest, send three friend requests.

Step 3

For the second stage of the quest, find and sit on a Floor Wagon. You can find one of these in Easter Farmstead room, owned by noodlesoup.

Step 4

For the third stage of the quest, find and hold a carrot hand item. You can get one of these from most fridges or the Vegetable Bingue.

Step 5

Once you have completed all three steps, you will have accumulated a total of 600 Flowers.