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Fae Farm Quest 3

Written By: -Eils
Graphics By: -Eils

Up until April 2nd, you can purchase the new Collectives in the Habbo Shop. Head to Clothing > NEW: Seasonal Currency Collectibles! to find them.

You need Flowers (Seasonal Currency) to buy these, which can be acquired by buying them from Habbo’s website or completing daily quests. Each quest is available for approximately 72 hours.


Step 1

Activate the next Fae Farm Quest! on the Quests menu.

Step 2

For the first stage of the quest, you need to have the Watering Can Effect, this can be purchased from the shop for 3 Credits by going to Furni > Hot Now > Potting Crafting Table. Whilst the effect has been equipped, double click an empty Farm Soil tile to complete the quest.

Step 3

For the second stage of the quest, all you need to do is walk inside of an Old Fae Cottage. You find one in noodlesoup’s Easter Farmstead room.

Step 4

For the third stage of the quest, you must have the Butterflies effect. You can purchase this for 1 Credit from the shop by going to Clothing > Temporary Effects. Equip the effect to complete the quest.

Step 5

Once you have completed all three steps, you will have accumulated another 550 Flowers.