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June in Habbo

Written By: CheesyRyan / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97

Habbo have now announced their upcoming plans for the month of June! This includes new Clothing, Collectibles, Furnis, Rares/LTDs, Seasonal Currency and Time Capsule Items.

The month of June will be focused on Habbo History Month, so prepare to see mini, classic, rare that bring you back to the past.


Braided Buns

Lengthy Pig Tails

Swept Hair

Spikey Buns

Neo Set

Nose Bandage

Cheek Bandage

Emo Earrings

Emo Belt

One Wolf Moon T-Shirt

Super Oversized T-Shirt


Bubblejuice Chair

Huge Tube

Rasta Bean Bag

Coin Purse

Console Backbag

Habburgers Cart

Lido Duck Statue

Rares and LTDs

Digipet Backpack (LTD clothing)

Iridescent Dragon Lamp (LTD)

Doggie Bag

Steampunk Accessories

Lilac Dragon Lamp

The Golden Hand

Miniature Turquoise Pillow

Miniature Army Green Sleeping Bag

Miniature Blue Smoke Machine

Miniature Choco Powered Fan

Miniature Fuchsia Ice Cream Maker

Miniature Gold Elephant Statue

Miniature Green Parasol

Miniature Ocean Blue Fountain

Miniature Pink Dragon Lamp

Miniature Pink Laser Gate

Gold Whirl Shell (Rare Credit Furni)

New Furnis

Donnie’s Crafting Table





Floppy Disk

The Floppy Disk

Time Machine Teleport

Norja Single Bed

Norja Double Bed

Plasto Air Mattress

Norja Hanging Light

Norja Standing Lamp

Norja Shelves

Norja Floor

Silo Chandelier

Silo Desk Lamp

Silo Fridge

Silo Hanging Pictures

Silo Standing Lamp

Plasto Curved Porthole

Plasto Hanging Light

Plasto PC

Plasto Shelves

Seasonal Currency Collectibles

Miniature Habbo Brazil

Miniature Habbo COM

Miniature Habbo Finland

Miniature Habbo France

Miniature Habbo Germany

Miniature Habbo Italy

Miniature Habbo Netherlands

Miniature Habbo Spain

Miniature Habbo Turkey

Hotel Goldfish Fountain (Set Bonus Item)

Time Capsule Items

Silver Time Capsule (crackable)

Gold Time Capsule (Crackable)

Furni Inside the Capsule:

Borg Bucket Hat

Butterfly Hair Clips

Frosted Tips

Digi Pet Necklace

Habbo Couture Tracksuit

Baggy Cargo Pants

Cheep Cheep

Brick Phone

Bobba Cactus

8 Bit Jello

Lava Lamp (Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink)

Pup-Chi (Blue, Grey)

Fluffby (Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Rainbow)

Mega Sushi

Mega Popsicle

Mega Moon Cake

Mega Pencil

Mega Cassette Tape

Mega Ring

Mega Soap

Mega Flower

Mega Horse

Which of these items are you looking forward to?
We are excited to celebrate Habbo History Month with you!