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Player Safety: VPNs

Player Safety: Virtual Private Networks


When playing Habbo, your safety and protecting your personal information should always be a top priority, as there are individuals out there who may want to steal your data – such as hackers. One of the most important pieces of personal information to keep safe is a player’s location or ‘IP Address’ (Internet Protocol). An IP Address is a unique online address that identifies a player’s unique device location. With all this in mind, it is clear that using something to protect this is vital to online safety – this is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes in!

Before we get into this article, it is important to highlight the importance of NOT following suspicious links. Whether this may have been sent to your Habbo as a gift or a whisper, if it is suspicious do not RISK your internet security for the sake of curiosity. However, if there are websites you wish to access for example a Habbo Fansite or Military Webpage, we advise that you do so using a VPN.  

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool that people can use online to encrypt and protect their personal information. Using a VPN can have many functions, such as creating an encrypted tunnel for your data, making your IP Address confidential and allowing you to browse the internet safely. The way that the VPN is able to do this is by connecting your phone or computer to a network and turning your data unreadable through the VPN’s encryption. So when you use websites like Habbo, your IP Address will no longer be shown and the VPN’s network location will be shown instead – so your IP Address will be safe from online threats. Using this software is highly recommended as it means you can have fun online while staying anonymous and safe!

Free VPNs

There are lots of cost-free VPN options out there that Habbo players can make use of. Although free VPNs are a good option for keeping individuals safe while online, there are some downsides associated with them when compared to the premium VPN options. Free VPNs can do a great job of protecting your personal information, however, they may come with a considerably slower speed. If you do choose to use a free VPN, it is best to go with one with a no-log policy as this ensures they do not keep your data to sell to third parties.

Some suggested Free No Log VPNs are:

  • ProtonVPN
    • Unlimited data, medium speed, only 3 server
  • TunnelBear
    • 500 MB free data per month
  • WindScribe
    • 10 GB free data per month, no logs, 10 servers
  • Hotspot Shield
    • 500 Mb free data per day
    • 10 GB free data per month, only 5 servers

Premium/Paid VPNs

If you are able to pay for the premium options when it comes to VPNs and your online safety, there are lots of options out there. As mentioned, when paying for a premium VPN, one of the benefits is the fast speeds and additional option to choose between VPN IP Servers. Some premium VPNs will offer a free trial which players should use to try out different providers to find their favourite. On top of this, every VPN will be different so it’s all about finding what works best for you!

Some suggested Premium No Log VPNs are:

  • CyberGhost
    • Strong encryption, large list of possible servers, fast speeds, 24/7 support, free trial and money-back guarantee 
  • ProtonVPN
    • Fast VPN speeds, unlimited bandwidth, 10GB servers, up to 10 devices, adblocker and money-back guarantee 
  • Private Internet Access 
    • 24/7 support, no-log policy, antivirus, a dedicated IP, free trial, ad blocking, money-back guarantee 
  • DashLane
    • Unlimited devices, password manager included, dark web monitoring, real-time phishing alerts and money-back guarantee 
  • Mullvad.VPN
    • Up to 5 devices, does not ask for any personal details, 500+ servers, money-back guarantee 


Hopefully, this article has highlighted the importance of protecting your personal data; especially your IP Address and we have provided one of the best ways to do this – the VPN! Overall, VPNs are an invaluable online tool when it comes to online safety as they provide the safety, encryption and anonymity players need to fully enjoy themselves online. Thank you for reading this article on VPNs, for more useful guides to staying safe online, please see our range of other articles.

Please note, we do not endorse any specific VPN and each player should decide which provider works best for them! Make sure you do your own research to decide the tool that is for you. Due diligence is something you should always seek before making a decision when it comes to your internet safety.