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The Return of Monster Plants

Written By: zqam


A long-standing staple of achievement hunters, older Habbos, and many alike: monster plants are BACK! Along with them, Habbo has released one of the first Hotel-wide competitions in quite a while. So, how can you get started, take part and win some goodies? I’m glad you asked.

Obtaining a monster plant

To begin your adventure to monster plant greatness, you first must obtain a monster plant seed. To do this, navigate to your Habbo shop, using the tab at the top labelled “Pets” and then navigating to “Monster Plant Seeds”; here, you will find 2 options – purchasing a single seed, and purchasing them in a bundle of 4. While you can purchase 1 seed on its own, it is advised that you purchase a set of 4, as this is not only more credit-efficient (1 seed for 10c vs. 1 seed for 5c) but you will also require 2 seeds to begin “breeding” your monster plants. Alternatively, you can also purchase seeds off the marketplace, where they frequently sell for 5c or 6c. This is a cheaper method to obtain your first 2 seeds, however as always, the marketplace is incredibly volatile, and prices can fluctuate.

Taking care of your monster plant

Once you have obtained your monster plant seed, take it to any room which you own; click on the seed and click “plant”, once completed you will have your very own monster plant – however, this comes with some responsibilities! For the first 48 hours, your monster plant will be in the planting stage, and will not be able to breed. During this time, you must ensure that their wellbeing (which can be viewed by clicking the plant) is kept topped up. You should only need to do this once per day as once treated, the wellbeing counter will return to its maximum value (36 hours during the “planted” stage, and 72 hours once fully grown). You can top your monster plant up by treating it. To do this, click on the monster plant and click the “treat” button. This button will be grayed out when the counter is at a high value, to prevent spamming. Note that you must continue to treat your monster plant for as long as you keep it, if you fail to do so, it will die! However, there are some goodies for doing so…

Breeding your monster plants

The main goal of monster plants is breeding. Breeding is a process where 2 fully grown monster plants are bred together to create a new seed, often taking characteristics from its parents. Breeding is a very simple process, so long as you follow these simple steps!

  1. Obtain 2 fully-grown monster plants, and place them in your room.
  2. Click one of the 2 monster plants, and ensure that the box labelled “breedable” is checked
  3. On the other monster plant, click the “breed” button, followed by the same “breed” button on the second plant.
  4. A final confirmation window will appear where you can verify your plants, if you are happy, click the green “breed” button.
  5. Obtain a new seed – place it in your room, and plant it!

Breeding is the bread and butter of monster plants, however, there are a few catches and benefits of doing so.

  • Once a plant has successfully been bred, it is unable to do so without potions.
  • When breeding, monster plants with a similar rarity level (indicated by the number on the “profile” of the monster plant) will have a near-guaranteed success rate when it comes to breeding.
  • However, monster plants with greatly differing rarity levels will likely fail when it comes to breeding, and you will not receive a seed.
  • Despite this, there is a chance of increasing your monster plant’s rarity level when it comes to breeding.
  • However, there is also a chance your rarity remains the same.

Potions, monsters, magic, oh my!

Alongside all of the monster plants, you can also obtain potions to assist you. All of the following potions can be purchased under the same tab where you purchase monster plants, for a variety of prices. These potions include:

  • Monster Plant Fertiliser (10c) – instantly grows any monster plant seed into a fully grown monster plant.
  • Plant Revival Potion (3c) – instantly revives any monster plant that has died.
  • Rebreeding Potion 1 (10c) – allows for a plant with rarity level 1-5 to be used for breeding a second time.
  • Rebreeding Potion 2 (30c) – allows for a plant with rarity level 6-8 to be used for breeding a second time.
  • Rebreeding Potion 3 (80c) – allows for a plant with rarity level 9-10 to be used for breeding a second time.

Monster Plant Achievements

For simply completing very simple tasks with monster plans, you will also receive achievements, which contribute to your overall achievement score, and earn you some nice, upgradable badges! These include:

  • Would you love a monster plant? I – V
    • For tending to 5, 30, 130, 380, 1380 monster plants.
  • Wicked gardener I – X
    • For breeding 5, 30, 100, 380, 1380, 2880, 4880, 7380, 10380, 13880 monster plants.
  • Formally monster I – X
    • For having 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 shapes of monster plants in your room.
  • Look, a rainbow I – X
    • For having 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 colours of monster plants in your room.
  • It’s alive! I – V
    • For giving 5, 30, 100, 500, 2000 cold monster plants a warm heart.
  • Gardener of death I – V
    • 5, 30, 100, 500, 2000 monster plants lost. Their time to die.
  • Unlucky gardener I – V
    • For failing to get the seed 3, 10, 40, 100, 400 times when breeding.

The competition

As mentioned before, there is currently an ongoing competition with monster plant breeding, the status of which can be viewed by going to the Hotel view at any point during the competition runtime of 11 am UTC on Monday, August 14th to 11 am UTC on Friday, August 18th

During this competition, points are awarded based on the rarity level of any monster plant you successfully breed. These points are then collated, and prizes will be distributed based on participation, and position. 

1st to 5th place will receive a “Gold Monster Plant Breeder Trophy” – all of which will be LTD, the number of which will correlate to the user’s final ranking (e.g.: 1st will receive #1).

6th to 25th will receive a “Silver Monster Plant Breeder Trophy” – again, all LTDs, and in correspondence to the user’s final ranking.

Additionally, any individual who participates in the challenge, accumulating at least 1 point, will receive a participation badge, which will be distributed at a later date.

Well? What are you waiting for? Get breeding!