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Badge Guide: [FUUSIO] SOS: We’re Stranded on an Island

Difficulty (Medium)

Room Name: [FUUSIO] SOS: We’re Stranded on an Island!
Room Owner: Zach

Written By: CheesyRyan & :Pepper / Graphics By: AWilson

Step 1

Say * or click on the items in green. Once all items are found, say “done”.

Step 2

Enter the teleporter.

Step 3

Walk back and forth between the rollers to turn the color tile green. The color tile will turn back 1 state every 1.5s.

Step 4

Move between the Blue roller, use the one-way gate, and then to the silver roller to toggle the color tile, making it green to continue. Falling off at any stage will reset it.

Step 5

Say * beside crates to break it down to activate yellow rollers.

Step 6

Go back and forth between the yellow one-way gates to toggle tiles to build the hut. The cabin firewood will indicate which one-way gate you need to go through.

Step 7

Enter the teleporter.

Step 8

Avoid the rattlesnakes as shown below and head over to the color tiles on the other side.

Step 9

Enter the teleporter.

Step 10

Make your way to the waterfall while avoiding the crabs. The crabs will move upon stepping onto the sand.

Step 11

Once you reach the waterfall, you will receive a water cup. Bring the water back to the start point to teleport.
Note: You won’t be teleported out if you are holding the water.

Step 12

Enter the teleporter.

Step 13

Walk towards the raft to receive your first badge. Enter the teleporter.

Step 14

Collect all 4 items by flicking the switches. Flick the switch in front of the fishing rod only if the salmon is on the green tile.

Step 15

Enter the teleporter.

Step 16

Walk towards the water.

Step 17

Enter the teleporter.

Step 18

Say *open* next to all 3 chests, say “done” upon completion.

Step 19

Enter the teleporter.

Step 20

Walk towards the cave

Step 21

Enter the teleporter.

Step 22

Make your way to the switch by avoiding solar energy balls and dragonflies. Flick the switch to rotate the one-way gate, and use it to descend. Colliding with either of the objects will teleport you back to start.
Note: There is a 5 minute timer that will reset you if you don’t complete it in time.

Step 23

Enter the teleporter.

Step 24

Walk to the bridge.

Step 25

Enter the teleporter.

Step 26

Wait patiently in the queue. You have 2 minutes to play the game. Click on all the tiny rocks below to spell out SOS on the sand. Upon doing so, click on the bonfire to light it, then head to the escape helicopter with the rope to teleporter and get the final badge.