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Badge Guide: 90’s are Back

Difficulty (Medium)

Written By: Zqam / Graphics By: d-gen / Owner: ItsManda

Step 1

Enter the teleporter.

Step 2

Wait patiently in the queue

Step 3

This is a 3-player game that can be played with 1-3 people. You must finish the game before your opponents proceed.

Using the arrow tiles, navigate your Palooza Coaster cart to the highlighted Red One Way Gate. Enter the gate once completed.

Step 4

Enter the teleporter.

Step 5

Stand on the green tiles to enter the game.

Step 6

Avoid the moving Portable TVs. New TVs will spawn in every 30 seconds. Once the timer has reached 1:40, sit on the Pink Plasto Pod to proceed.

Step 7

Enter the teleporter.

Step 8

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 9

This game is Guitar Hero. Step on the corresponding color tiles once the Ice Hockey Puck reaches the different color tiles. If any puck reaches the Dark Tiles, you will automatically lose. Survive for 60 seconds to complete this step.

Step 10

Enter the teleporter.

Step 11

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 12

Complete the telephrase, the answers are as follows:

  1. The Letter O
  2. Darkness
  3. Emojis
  4. A chain
  5. A crane
  6. 4
  7. Spongebob Squarepants
  8. Doug
  9. Legends of the Hidden Temple
  10. Turquoise
  11. Blue
  12. Sunflower
  13. Halloween
  14. Hubba Bubba
  15. Pretty Woman
  16. IT
  17. A river
  18. A piano

Step 13

Enter the teleporter

Step 14

Step through the Yellow One Way Gate and use the Random Banzai Teleporters until you find the correct one. Do not stand on the cursed trap as they will slow you down.

Step 15

Walk through the Yellow One Way Gates to receive your first badge. There is a chance you may need to repeat the previous step.

Step 16

Step 17

Enter the Pink One Way gate.

Step 18

Complete the telephrase, the answers are as follows:

  1. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.
  2. Peaches & Cream
  3. Wonderwall
  4. Gin & Juice
  5. Bye Bye Bye
  6. Under the bridge
  7. If you wanna be my lover
  8. Smells like teen spirit
  9. Un-break my heart
  10. Miami
  11. Zombie
  12. Creepy
  13. You drive me crazy
  14. Pony
  15. Men in black
  16. Barbie girl
  17. No rain
  18. Boom boom boom boom

Step 19

Enter the teleporter.

Step 20

Complete the roller maze. You must complete this without stepping on any red color tiles, or the rollers underneath the yellow color tile. To rotate the final set of Yellow One Way Gates, you must flick the switch.

Step 21

Enter the teleporter.

Step 22

Complete the roller maze. Do not stay sat on the Green Plasto Pods, as they will push you off if you sit for too long. Stand on the Stella tile to proceed.

Step 23

Complete the roller maze. Do not collide with either of the glowballs, or stay sat on the Red Plasto Pods for too long, as they will push you off. Step on the Stella tile to proceed.

Step 24

Complete the roller maze. Do not collide with any glowballs. You must flick the switch 3 times to make the Red One Way Gates appear. You must also walk in the Red One Way Gate 3 times to turn the Color tile green.

Step 25

Enter the teleporter.

Step 26

Flick all 6 hidden switches and say “done” to teleport.

Step 27

Enter the teleporter.

Step 28

Flick the 8 highlighted switches. You may only move around the room when the lights are ON. Once complete, say “done” to teleport.

Step 29

Enter the teleporter.

Step 30

Sit on the pink chairs to receive your final badge.