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Badge Guide: Amethyst’s World – A Toddler’s Day

Difficulty (Medium)

Room Name: Amethyst’s World (Entrance)
Room Owner: AmethystCutie

Written By: Nuela / Graphics By: d-gen

Step 1 (Entrance)

To obtain the two badges, you need to complete the respective parts of this event:

– Part 1: View Steps 2 to 28 in this guide

– Part 2: View Steps 29 to 39 in this guide

To enter either parts of the event: Say P1 (Part 1) and use the White Restaurant Door, or say P2 (Part 2) and use the Lost Souls Portal.

Step 2

Upon entering the White Restaurant Door, select the space under the first “E” in the letter blocks “MEMORIES” and wait in line patiently.

Step 3

Once the game starts, you must find 11 pairs of identical items by double clicking the pizza boxes. You have 2 minutes to do this!

Step 4

You will be teleported to the Door Tele once successful. Enter to proceed!

Step 5

Walk through the Cat Door while it is opened.

Step 6

After watching the bot scene, you will be teleported to the Door Teleport. Enter to proceed!

Step 7

You must now help Amethyst find her lost items in the woods. First, double click the This is Evidence to equip a magnifying glass!

Step 8

Now, you must say “collect” in front of each of the following 9 items. After collecting all items, say “done” to teleport!

Step 9

Use the Forest Ring Teleport to enter the next room!

Step 10

You must now walk down the garden path, but be careful!! If you walk when the Street Path Lights are off, you have to restart.

Step 11

Stand next to the Trained Husky and say *petting balto*.

Step 12

After continuing down the path, step on the Rock Blocks. Be mindful of the lights!!

Step 13

Enter the Long-lost Teleport to proceed.

Step 14

Upon entering, sit on one of the Log Chairs to join the queue. You will have 1 minute to complete the game.

Step 15

Once the game starts, press the button in front of you repeatedly to move the Tricycle toward you. Once it reaches you, say “done” to win!

Step 16

Now, sit in the van and say * to pick up a phone. You have five seconds to do this in the van!

Step 17

With the phone, walk to the door and stand behind the Santorini Greenery. Say *unlocks door* to bring down the Number 221H Teleport. You have 10 seconds to enter once it is down!

Step 18

Afterwards, enter the Mall tele-door to proceed.

Step 19

Wait patiently in the queue. You will have 2 minutes to complete the game if playing by yourself, or 1 minute 20 seconds if playing in a pair!

Step 20

Once the game starts, collect 8 candy items by stepping on the stick blocks highlighted and saying *. After collecting each item, walk to the Bazaar Basket and say “drop”. After dropping all 8 items, say “done” to teleport!

Step 21

After completing the game, enter the Mall tele-door!

Step 22

You must now enter Amethyst’s room, but you need a key code! Find it on a Sticky in one of the rooms highlighted. Then, go back to the hallway and say it (The keycode and Sticky location change daily!).

Step 23

Enter Amethyst’s Room to proceed!

Step 24

Step over the furni along the highlighted path, you have 90 seconds! But mind your step, the floor is lava!!!

Step 25

Enter the Long-lost Teleport to proceed!

Step 26

Help Amethyst clean her wardrobe! Walk to each of the 12 items and say “clean”, then say “done” after picking up all items to teleport.

Step 27

Enter the Mall tele-door to proceed!

Step 28

Almost there! There were hidden cursed cat dolls throughout the maze. Say “38 cursed cat dolls” whilst on the Moon Bed to get the badge!!

Step 29

Upon entering the Lost Souls Portal, use the Gym Equipment to start the game! You have 15 minutes to complete everything in the room (Steps 30-38).

Step 30

In the first area, walk over the tires only when they are black, and walk past the Bush Divider.

Step 31

Next, step across the moving RIP Monster Plants and onto the Mossy rock.

Step 32

Here, you must use the moving Tricycles to reach the end of the road, and step on the Versatile Victorian Block.

Step 33

Step on the Dark Spades Card Tile, which will teleport you to the green or red Color Tile (50/50 chance). Landing on the red tile will bring you back to the first area. Yikes!

Step 34

Now, you must walk to the end while avoiding the moving Prison Stones. Careful! Getting crushed by them will send you back to the first area.

Step 35

You must find the correct moving Spare Parts Shipment among the eight by using them! It changes after every 7 seconds.

Step 36

Almost there! Walk across the Forest Floor while avoiding the moving Magic Turnips and get a watering can from the Reprocessed Water before moving to the next area.

Step 37

With the watering can, step on the Lost Tribe Patch. Move to the other end by sitting on the moving Garden Rose Swings. Be careful not to fall!

Step 38

Whew, good work! Now, sit to go down the Stately Roof slide and teleport!

Step 39

Use the button in front of you to receive the badge!