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Badge Guide: Creating Chocolate Delights

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: Creating Chocolate Delights
Room Owner: noodlesoup

Written By: Ayain / Graphics By: Ayain

Step 1

Be patient in the queue while waiting for your turn!

Step 2

With three minutes on the clock, you have to find the five items mentioned to you by Frank, which can be found by interacting with the items. To access the second floor of the west section, click the tile next to the stairs, as seen in the photo below. 

Whenever you find an item, go to the encircled area near Frank and type “*”. The slope lights from the lower right section of the room will light up once you give the correct item.

Here’s some interactable furniture that can be part of Frank’s list!

Step 3

Once all five slope lights are lighted green, you’ll automatically get your badge with its accompanying cute penguin statue. Congratulations!