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Badge Guide: [DUCKET] Welcome to the Wild Wild West!

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [DUCKET] Welcome to the Wild Wild West!
Room Owner: lumi

Written By: Anna.Marie97/ Graphics By: Piethon

Step 1

Stand in front of Frontier Bank.

Step 2

Enter the teleporter.

Step 3

Collect all the rats running around the saloon by walking by them.

Step 4

Enter the queue.

Step 5

Collect all the targets by clicking on them as they appear.
You have to collect 30 to complete this step.

Step 6

Enter the teleporter.

Step 7

Enter the queue.

Step 8

Stand in front of one of the items boxed and say *search* to collect a key.Walk to one of the cells and stand on the blue tile. Say *unlock* to see if the key collected will unlock that cell. If it doesn’t, the tile will turn red. You will then need to search one of the other two items and try a different cell. Repeat until you have unlocked one.

Step 9

Once you have unlocked the cell, guide the bot to his clothes so he can collect them.

Step 10

After he collects his clothes, guide him to the changing room. Stand on the tile in the box provided.

Step 11

Once he is changed, guide him to his wagon by sitting on it.

NOTE: You will have 3 minutes to complete Steps 8 – 11.

Step 12

Enter the teleporter.

Step 13

Move past the snakes without getting bopped.
Once you pass the first set, there is a checkpoint (where I’m standing) you’ll spawn to if you get bopped by the second set of snakes.

Step 14

Find the right teepee to teleport by sitting in them.

Step 15

Enter the teleporter.

Step 16

Enter the queue.

Step 17

Survive 1 minute by avoiding the snakes.
If you get bopped, you’ll be teleported to the queue.

Step 18

Enter the teleporter.

Step 19

Move all the tumbleweeds to the blue tiles.

NOTE: if one is stuck, stand on it and double click it.

Step 20

Make your way to the stage, but ONLY move when the lights are green.
Moving when they are red will result in you teleporting to the beginning.

Step 21

Enter the teleporter.

Step 22

Move through the bags and avoid getting bopped.

Step 23

Sit on all the chairs until you teleport.

Step 24

Complete the telephrase:

European Folk Traditions
Cowboy Boots
Billy the Kid
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Above One’s Bend
Should’ve Been a Cowboy
Baxter Black
Dodge City
The Lasso

Step 25

Flick the switch to receive the first badge.
Enter the teleporter.

Step 26

Find and flick all the switches.

Step 27

Enter the teleporter.

Step 28

Enter the queue.

Step 29

You have 45 seconds to complete this step.
Using the arrows, navigate the horse to the carrots.
When the horse is on the green tile, stand on the bullseye.

Step 30

Enter the teleporter.

Step 31

Enter the queue.

Step 32

You will need to get all the prisoners and guards across the river. To put them in the boat, click their stage and then the boat. Use the red button to move the boat across the river. To remove bots from the boat, click under them while they are sitting. This is tricky, so here is the route you will need to take in order to successfully finish this step:

grab 2 guards, go across
drop 1 guard, go across
grab 1 guard, go across
drop 1 guard, go across
drop 1 guard and grab 2 prisoners, go across
drop 1 prisoner and grab 1 guard, go across
drop 1 guard and grab 1 prisoner, go across
drop 2 prisoners and grab 1 guard, go across
grab 1 guard, go across
drop 1 guard, go across
grab 1 guard, go across
drop 2 guards

Step 33

Enter the teleporter.

Step 34

Find and flick the switches.

Step 35

Enter the queue.

Step 36

When a color lands on the red stage, step on the corresponding color.
You will need to do this for 1 minute in order to complete this step.

Step 37

Enter the teleporter.

Step 38

Make your way through the roller maze.

Step 39

Flick the switch to receive the second badge.