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Badge Guide: [EFF] Ingredients Hunt

Difficulty (Medium)

Room Name: [EFF] Ingredients Hunt
Room Owner: noodlesoup

Written By: Anna.Marie97 / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97

Step 1

Wait in the queue.

NOTE: This is a 2 person game, so you will be playing with either the person behind you or the person in front of you in the line.

Step 2

One person will teleport to the left stump, the other person will teleport to the right stump.
Flick the lever.

Step 3

The Guardian will speak and inform you of what you need to find.

Step 4

If you are spawned to the right stump: you will be controlling the direction of the one-way gates. Standing up will turn them for your partner to go towards the seeds, sitting on the stump will turn them for your partner to come back towards you.

If you’re sitting on the left stump: you will be going through the one way gates towards the seeds.

Step 5

Make your way through the one-way gates.
Flick the switch till you find the right color of seeds the Guardian is looking for.
Double click the green button to collect the item.

Step 6

Run the item back through the gates. Give your partner the hand item.

Step 7

Repeat Step 5.
This time, you will be keeping the item for yourself.

Step 8

Find the flower the seed creates.
We had to find the Water Seeds resulting in us finding the Water Plant.

NOTE: the plants spawn in different locations for each game.

Step 9

Stand on the flower and say “***” to collect it.

Step 10

You will have to get a score of 3 in order to complete the game.
You have 4 minutes to do so.

Step 11

Upon completion, you will receive the Carrot Bite furni along with the badge.