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Badge Guide: Falling in Love with Autumn

Difficulty (Paid)

Step 1

Walk around the room and stand in the shadows when they appear to collect apples. Once you have collected 15 apples, you will automatically be teleported.

Step 2

Enter the teleport.

Step 3

Use the Yellow Java Cafe to get a coffee.

Step 4

Sit on any of the highlighted seats to teleport, the correct seat changes periodically.

Step 5

Make your way to the other side, only moving when the dog is facing the same direction shown.

Step 6

Enter the teleporter.

Step 7

Double-click the camera, or say “takes picture” when the highlighted butterfly is in the position shown.

Step 8

Enter the teleporter.

Step 9

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 10

You will have 60 seconds to complete this next step.
The bot will walk around the game area as shown below, leaving red blobs behind him. Follow the bot to collect the red blobs and earn points. Once you have earned 50 points, you will automatically teleport.

Step 11

Enter the teleporter

Step 12

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 13

You will have 90 seconds to complete this set.
Pick up pumpkins by standing next to the Habboween Pumpkins and saying “.”
Then, throw the pumpkins by standing 3 or 4 spaces behind the Gigantic Beanstalks and waving, or saying “o/”. Once every hole is filled with a pumpkin, you will automatically teleport.

Step 14

Enter the teleporter.

Step 15

Using the good side stools, find 4 mushroom seats in the corners of the game area. Sitting on a good side stool with reveal other good side stools for you to sit on. Once you have sat on every mushroom seat, you will teleport automatically.

If you sit on a good side stool for too long, you will teleport back to the center.

Step 16

Enter the teleporter.

Step 17

Use any of the hand items in the room to teleport, the correct furniture changes periodically. Below are 3 confirmed correct pieces of furniture.

Step 18

Flick the switch for your first badge and enter the teleporter.

Step 19

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 20

You have 60 seconds to complete this step.
Using the greek seats, navigate your way to the end of the course. Every time you are next to a color tile, say “put something” to turn it green. If you collide with the Floating water Lilies at any point, you will be sent back to the queue.

Step 21

Enter the teleporter.

Step 22

Stand on the moving Autumn Leaf Piles to collect them. Once all have been collected, say “done” to teleport.

Step 23

Enter the teleporter.

Step 24

Complete the roller maze using the Autumn Leaf Piles and Duck Rides, whilst avoiding collision with the Salems.

Step 25

Enter the teleporter.

Step 26

Click on the 7 hidden sheep shown below. Once complete, say “done” to teleport.

Step 27

Enter the teleporter.

Step 28

You will have 90 seconds to complete this step.
Catch all the cows. To do this, stand by the fence, and double-click the Cheese Board in front of you to throw your lasso. Once a cow has been caught, walk to the green tile to collect it. Repeat this until all cows have been caught. If done successfully, you will teleport automatically.

Step 29

Enter the teleporter

Step 30

Step on the green tiles to join the queue.

Step 31

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 32

You must now survive for the next 90 seconds. Habburgers Food Trucks will come towards you, and you must avoid being hit. If you are hit, you will automatically lose. During the game, the trucks will also speed up. If done successfully, you will automatically teleport.

Tip: Try to stay near the middle so you have the greatest room to move.

Step 33

Enter the teleporter.

Step 34

Stand on the step ladder, watch the animation and receive your final badge!