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Badge Guide: Fast Food

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: :[⭐]: Fast Food :[⭐]: AUTO GAME

Room Owner: g.c.magic


Written By: daisyxsun / Graphics By: d-gen

Step 1

This game requires three players. As you enter the room, queue in the rollers and wait for your turn.

Step 2

You will be teleported to one of the balconies as a player. The game will not start unless all players are available.

Step 3

You have 30 seconds to play the game.

Click the box under the parasol (highlighted in purple) to save your food before it reaches the table. 

Click the box with the firework (highlighted in yellow) to sabotage other player’s food. 

Click the box under the shield (highlighted in red) to protect your food. 

You have 2 chances each to sabotage and shield. Only click the color corresponding to your team. The score will appear on top of your avatar. 

Once a player receives 5 points, they will receive the badge.