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Badge Guide: [] Seasons

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [] Seasons

Room Owner: AniMIs7


Written By: -Eils/ Graphics By: -Eils

Step 1

There are two badges up for grabs, which can be obtained from completing each part.

This will be obtained from Part 1, see Step 2 onwards

This will be obtained from Part 2, see Step 8 onwards

Say exit until you get onto the side you want to complete.

Step 2

Enter the teleporter.

Step 3

Whilst sitting in the Green Inflatable Boat, say It’s time for camping. to teleport.

Step 4

Enter the teleporter.

Step 5

Complete the snake maze to get to the blue pillow at the end. You can sit on the red pillows to take you around the green rollers. Be careful of the baskets, they may trip you up!

Step 6

Enter the teleporter.

Step 7

Flick the switch to receive the badge.

Step 8

Enter the teleporter.

Step 9

Make your way across to the Yak, only moving when the snowman is facing the direction shown below. Avoid the moving snowman heads or you will be teleported back to the start.

Step 10

Enter the teleporter.

Step 11

Use the Mochamaster to grab a hot chocolate then stand on the dark tiles next to each customer to give it to them. Once all 4 customers have a hot chocolate, say done to teleport.

Step 12

Enter the teleporter.

Step 13

Flick the switch to receive the badge.