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Badge Guide: [HabboDefense] Irish Frank’s Pot o’ Gold Party

Difficulty (Medium)

Room Name: [HabboDefense] Frank’s Pot o’ Gold Party [ENTRANCE]
Room Owner: HabboDefense

Written By: Anna.Marie97 / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97

Step 1

Enter the teleport.

Step 2

Walk to the end of the bridge. You will need to make your way through the cave to the other side of the room. Only walk when the leprechaun on the boat is wearing GREEN. Walking when he’s wearing ORANGE will teleport you back to the beginning. NOTE: There are 3 safe zones: Before the end of the bridge, in the cave and after the patio tiles.

Step 3

Enter the teleport.

Step 4

You will need to answer 8 questions to get to the next teleport.

1. Maewyn Succat
2. The Holy Trinity
3. Chicago
4. Waterford
5. Ireland forever
6. His death
7. Blue
8. A shoemaker

Step 5

Enter the teleport.

Step 6

Enter any queue line.
You will have to survive 1 minute without getting bopped by the Pot O’ Gold.
To avoid the object, click the opposite chair from yourself to switch sides. Alternatively to clicking, you can also type jump.

Step 7

Enter the teleport.

Step 8

There are multiple tasks you will need to complete in this room.
Walk to the table and say *guide* to lead Aisling to the stage.

Stand on the dark spot by the mop and say *mop*.

Stand on the dark spot next to Bertha. She will tell you she wants eggnog.
Make your way to the Barley Barrel, double click, and bring the glass to her.

Stand on the dark spot next to Jecaedh. He will tell you he wants a Bubble Juice bottle.
Make your way to the Bobba Juice Rack behind the bar. Double click until you find the bottle.
Bring the bottle back to him.

Stand on the dark spot next to the dust pan. Click the bottles on the table as well as the trash on the floor to clean them up.

For the final task, say *accept tab* to close the angry customers tab.

Step 9

Enter the teleport.

Step 10

Say !left or !right to enter one of the queue lines.
You will need to recreate the Irish flag before the timer runs out. When the timer starts, click the blocks on your board to move them around.
You have 3 minutes to complete the flag.

Step 11

Flick the switch to receive the first badge.

Step 12

Step forward and enter the teleport.

Step 13

While avoiding being bopped by the multiple Pot O’ Gold’s, run to the ice cream machine and grab an ice cream. With ice cream in hand, make your way over to the other side of the room and through the gate.

NOTE: If you get bopped by a Pot O’ Gold, you will lose your hand item and teleport to the start.

Step 14

Step forward and enter the teleport.

Step 15

You have 1 minute and 50 seconds to make a rainbow.
Once you have the rainbow bridge, step on banzai’s until you reach the beginning of the bridge.
Walk across the bridge to the end black tiles to complete the game.

NOTE: If the room is really busy, use the teleport on the green tile to go to the second room.

Step 16

Enter the teleport.

Step 17

There are 10 coins hidden throughout the room.
When you find a coin, stand next to it and say “ * ” to collect it.
You will need to find at least 1 coin in order to teleport to the next tele. Once you have found a coin, a plant will spawn in your hands.

Step 18

Enter the teleport.

Step 19

You have 1 minute to collect 8 golden apples.
When the timer starts, a white X will appear on the ground, run to it as fast as you can to catch the apple. If you do not collect 8 apples, you will teleport back to the queue line.

Step 20

Enter the teleport.

Step 21

There are 10 differences between both spaces for this game. Say the item name for it to count. You must contribute in order to teleport to the tele. Once you have found a difference, a plant will spawn in your hands that will allow you to teleport.

1. Dark Pura Square Module (Green)
2. Sunlight City Weeds
3. Korean Drinks
4. Floating Water Lilies
5. Paper Balls
6. The Lost Skull
7. This is Evidence
8. Pencils
9. Habburgers Box
10. Habburgers Tray

Step 22

Enter the teleport.

Step 23

Flick the switch to receive the final badge.

That’s not all, folks. Like, retweet & reply a picture of you in the final room on our post on twitter using #HabboDefense & #Habbo for a chance to win 200 coins + 6 months of HC! Winner will be announced by @USDFHabbo.