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Badge Guide: [HabboQuests] Hablanie: Portals

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [HabboQuests] Hablanie: Portals
Room Owner: Sammzi

Written By: Anna.Marie97 / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97

Step 1

Walk towards the Fairy Mirror and stand on the mushrooms.

Step 2

Enter the teleporter.

Step 3

Click the dragonflies. Each one will reveal a word to make a phrase.
The phrase you need to say is:
Back from the dead

Step 4

Enter the teleporter.

Step 5

Cross the paths without being hit by the spiders. The red circles is an outline of the easiest path to take to complete this step. If you get bopped by a spider, you’ll teleport back to the beginning. Once you’re across, sit in the blue suspended chair.

Step 6

Flick the switch to receive the first badge.
Enter the teleporter.

Step 7

Make your way across to the mushroom chair.

Step 8

Make your way, once again, across to the mushroom chair.

Step 9

Enter the teleporter.

Step 10

For this step, you will need fast clicking skills.
In order to get across the room, you need to walk on the crystal in your lane. Once you’re across, step on the blue tile.

NOTE: You can switch lanes by saying: swap1, swap2, or swap3.

Step 11

Enter the teleporter.

Step 12

Sit in the pink suspended bench to receive the second badge.