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Badge Guide: [Habbox] Christmas Movies

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: Official Rooms Hallway!
Room Owner: __tbl

Written By: Ayain / Graphics By: d-gen

Step 1

Follow the Yellow Paint Splat, it should lead you to the Door Teleport for the next room! Double-click the Door Teleport to enter the room.

Step 2

Click any of the following food trays on the table (Doughnut Plate, Fondue Spread, Christmas Pudding, Hot Chocolate) to receive a Ginger Bread Man.

Step 3

Take a seat in any of the cloud rugs placed in the room to receive your first badge; yay!

Step 4

You’ll find the Attic Door Tele on the west side of the room. Double-click it to be led to the next room!

Step 5

Be patient in waiting for your turn while in the queue.

Step 6

Once it’s your turn, you will be controlling Buddy using the arrow tiles near where you’re seated. Click the arrow tiles to reach the red tiles and turn them green. 55 seconds is the time allotted to complete this task.

Step 7

Double-click the Long-lost teleporter you’re standing at to enter the next room!

Step 8

It’s telephrase time! Say the following words per number you’re in:
1. Tim Allen
2. Three
3. 1995
4. Milk
5. Angel
6. 25th December
7. Snowing
8. Advent
9. The North Pole
10. 9

Step 9

Following the alphabetical order, enumerate all of Santa’s reindeers:
1. Blitzen
2. Comet
3. Cupid
4. Dancer
5. Dasher
6. Donner
7. Prancer
8. Rudolph
9. Vixen

Step 10

Click any of the highlighted furniture to be teleported to the next area.

Step 11

Double-click the Long-lost teleporter to enter the next room!

Step 12

Step onto the dark tiles highlighted and say “*Create A Snowman*” for each tile.

Step 13

Find the Carol Singing Woman and stand in front of her

Step 14

Proceed to the north section of the room and stand on the circle first. Then, begin walking towards the ice patches.

Step 15

After sliding through the ice patches, stand in front of the Carol Singing Man.

Step 16

Show off your dance moves inside the Snowball Pit located in the east section of the room! It should teleport you to long-lost teleporter.

Step 17

Double-click the long-lost teleporter to go to the final room.

Step 18

Retake a seat in any cloud rugs to get your final badge!