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Badge Guide: [Habbox] Rubber Duck Tour

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [Habbox] Official Rooms Hallway
Room Owner: __tbl

Written By: :Pepper / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97

Step 1

Head to the homeroom and enter the teleport.

Step 2

Find all 10 wannabe ducks scattered around the room.

When all 10 ducks are found, say “done”.

Step 3

Enter the teleporter.

Step 4

Stand in front of the bot and listen to the instructions. 

Step 5

Stand on the pier and grab a fishing rod.

Step 6

Click the ducks as they appear. Each time you click a duck, you will receive 1 point. Once you receive 30 points you will automatically teleport.
Tip: You can click a single duck more than once, so spam-clicking 1 duck increases your score incredibly fast.

Step 7

Enter the teleporter.

Step 8

Complete the snake maze. Avoid colliding with the orange starfish. Flick the switch to rotate the highlighted gate.

Use the orange tiles to get to the aqua rollers. Avoid colliding with SID the plushy.

Step 9

Enter the teleporter. 

Step 10

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 11

Complete the roller maze before the F1 duck reaches the star tile. Use the pod and white doormat to cross when necessary.

Step 12

Enter the teleporter.

Step 13

Lay on the Gooey Hospital Bed.

Step 14

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 15

Play a game of melting carpets. Green tiles will turn orange, then red, and then disappear. You can only stand on green tiles otherwise you will be teleported out of the game. Once 2 squares remain, you will teleport automatically.

Step 16

Enter the teleporter.

Step 17

Walk down the path to receive your first badge!

Step 18

Enter the teleporter.

Step 19

Make your way across to the other side only when the crystal ball is glowing. Avoid stepping on the paint splats.

Step 20

Enter the teleporter.

Step 21

Flick the switches until you teleport to the hot air balloon. There is a 50/50 chance you will teleport backwards.

Step 22

Enter the teleporter.

Step 23

Stand next to the forge stove.

Step 24

Cross the path without colliding with the moving glowballs. 

Step 25

Say “the outside” to teleport across the bridge.

Step 26

Walk up the stairs to teleport.

Step 27

Enter the teleporter.

Step 28

Complete the snake maze. Step on the snow puffs to cross when necessary.

Step 29

Enter the teleporter.

Step 30

Stand next to the door to receive the last badge!