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Badge Guide: Lost in Habbiza III

Difficulty (Easy)

Written By: Zqam / Graphics By: d-gen

Step 1

Navigate to the Quests tab, through your Habbo hotbar, then activate the Lost in Habbiza III quest.

Step 2

Prepare for step 3 by purchasing a microphone effect in the Habbo clothing shop. This can be found by clicking the “Clothing” tab, then navigating to “Temporary Effects” and purchasing the Microphone effect for 25 duckets.

Step 3

You must complete the following steps in the [TOE] Egyptian Desert event. Guides for this event can be found on our website!

During the second magic carpet maze, find the room which contains the Mummy Pharoah. Once you have found the mummy, use the microphone effect and say “Why can’t you speak?” to complete the first quest.

The mummy can be found in Room 20.

Step 4

Finally, either complete the Egyptian Desert event, by using the guide on our website or wear the “Santini’s Rescue Mission” badge to finish the second half of the quest.

Once complete, you will receive your badge!