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Badge Guide: [MMW] The Farm in Colors

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [MMW] The Farm in Colors
Room Owner: noodlesoup

Written By: CheesyRyan / Graphics By: -Eils

Step 1

Click the green button to join the queue. Press the green button once you are at the front to sit down

Step 2

Upon entering the game once it is your turn, you have 10 seconds to click on the badge you wish to draw to obtain it. The difficulties increase from left to right.

Step 3

You have only 2 minutes and 30 seconds to draw your drawing. Complete the drawing by matching the finished drawing on the left. Click the color on the color pallet to select the color you wish to use, then click on the tiles on your canvas to paint the tiles. You can use the white tiles to erase the paint.

Step 4

Once completed, click on the Flower Wagon to your left to validate your painting. If it is correct, you will be awarded the badge. If you are wrong, the bot will inform you and you can continue making changes to your canvas.

Repeat the game each time to collect each of the badges.