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Badge Guide: Rainbow Delights Quest

Difficulty (Paid)

Written By: -Eils / Graphics By: -Eils

Step 1

Activate the quest by clicking the quest menu (highlighted below) and clicking “Activate quest”. Make sure the quest has been activated before completing the tasks.

Step 2

Purchase the Chocolate Crafting Table in the shop for 9 Credits + 10 Diamonds if you haven’t already.

Step 3

NOTE: You also need to wear the Wild Berries Quest badge to complete the Quest. You can find the guide for this quest by clicking here.

Craft the following to complete the quest:

1 – 1 Rainbow Chocolates of Delight

= +

2 – 1 Funfetti Chocolate Cake


3 – 1 Funfetti Hot Chocolate

= +

Once done, you will receive your badge, Chocolatier Apron and a Golden Ticket!