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Badge Guide: Streetball Maze

Difficulty (Medium)

Room Name: Streetball Maze [Badge Event]
Room Owner: Hoop

Written By: DerpDerp554 & zqam / Graphics By: Caliste

Step 1

Step on the arrows to receive your first badge.

Step 2

Enter the teleporter.

Step 3

Use the rollers to get to the other side. Flick the switch to rotate the gate.

Step 4

Enter the teleporter.

Step 5

Use the rollers and the moving pod to reach the light tile. Avoid standing on the fire tiles and the black roller or you will teleport back to the start.

Step 6

Enter the teleporter.

Step 7

Use the light tiles and the gates to get to the other side without getting touched by the spray can crate. To turn the gates use the levers in the middle to turn the gate 90 degrees every use.

Step 8

Enter the teleporter.

Step 9

Wait in the queue. When it’s your turn, walk onto the matching tile matching the tile on the right. Keep doing this until you are on the other side.
Each group has 5 people and you have 2 minutes to reach the end.

Step 10

Enter the teleporter.

Step 11

Walk to the light tiles without getting hit by the Orange Barrels.

Step 12

Enter the teleporter.

Step 13

Get to the other side using the pods and the one-way gates. When entering the second gate, the first will rotate. You must continually use the two one-way gates until the tiles underneath are green. If you move before they are green, you will be teleported back.

Step 14

Enter the teleporter.

Step 15

Get to the other side using the rollers and one-way gates. You can only use the color of rollers/gates that match the tile in front of the bot. However, this room is designed for you to do in one go, meaning that you can simply run through without stopping instead of timing your clicks. When using the gates, you must alternate using the gates to turn the tiles underneath the green.

Step 16

Enter the teleporter.

Step 17

You will receive your final badge upon entering the room.