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Badge Guide: The Lives Game

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [•]The Lives Game [•] AUTO
Room Owner: g.c.magic

Written By: CheesyRyan / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97

Step 1

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 2

You will start with 3 lives, and the aim of the game is to survive. Roll the Dice and based on the number it shows up as shown below:

1 = Surprise – It can either be good or a bad roll
2 = Switch the Seat with someone
3 = Steal a Life from someone
4 = Gain or Give Protection
5 = Lose two Lives
6 = Fight someone and whoever gets the higher number wins

If you need to choose a player, click the Cheese Plate in front of them.

If you are the top 5 reminding, you will receive – 
If you are the winner, you will receive –