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Badge Guide: [WishHabbo] Fall Festivals

Difficulty (Easy) / Owner: Peachery

Written By: Zqam / Graphics By: -Eils

Step 1

Enter the teleporter.

Step 2

Flick the highlighted switches around the room, and then say “done”.

Step 3

Enter the teleporter.

Step 4

Stand on the red highlighted tiles, then repeat the exact order whilst standing on the blue highlighted tile. Bring the drink back to turn the tiles green. Say “done” once all tiles are green.

Step 5

Enter the teleporter.

Step 6

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 7

Once in the game, you will be prompted with a flower that you must guide to a specific color tile. You may use either the arrow tiles or saying the keywords “w” “a” “s” and “d”.

Step 8

Flick the switch to receive your badge and enter the teleporter.

Step 9

Sit on the seats and wait to be teleported.

Step 10

Collect the floral skulls by standing next to them. If the gothic skulls hit you, you will be teleported out. Once complete, say “done”.

Step 11

Enter the teleporter.

Step 12

Stand next to the highlighted candles and click them to collect them. Say “done” to teleport.

Step 13

Enter the teleporter.

Step 14

Wait patiently in the queue.

Step 15

Guide the cow down the mountain by standing near it. If you walk too far away, the cow will move in random directions. Step on the green tile, with the cow on the clear tile and say “*dress up*”. Then, guide the cow to the final set of clear tiles to teleport.

Step 16

Enter the teleporter.

Step 17

Flick the switch to receive your final badge.