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Badge Guide: [WishHabbo] Flower Show

Difficulty (Easy)

Room Name: [WishHabbo] Fansite Lounge
Room Owner: Peachery

Written By: Kahterine / Graphics By: Stork

Step 1

Look for the Idea Agency Teleporter shown below then enter to start the maze.

Step 2

Enter the Grand Pavilion by crossing the Midsummer Curtains to be teleported.

Step 3

Enter the teleporter.

Step 4

Make your way to the other end of the Onsen Torii only walking when the Japanese Lanterns are off. Make sure to flick the switches as you go. There is a checkpoint at the 3rd switch.

Step 5

Enter the teleporter.

Step 6

Cross the room and reach the Greek Seats while avoiding being trapped by the flowers. If you get trapped, say exit to go back to the start.

Step 7

Enter the teleporter.

Step 8

Complete the roller snake maze by following these steps:

  1. Enter through the one-way gate, then avoid colliding with the water lillies.

2. Once you have entered the first gate, flick the switch. Then enter through the second gate and sit on the floor pillow. Avoid colliding with the beetle.

3. Time the pillow before entering the gate to cross to the next part of the maze, avoiding the red rollers then enter the gate when it turns green.

4. You have now reached a checkpoint! Once the gate turns, step on the roller and pass through the red pods quickly to avoid falling.

5. Once you reach the red gate, enter it 3 times without falling to turn the one-way gate. Avoid colliding with the lady bug whilst doing this. Make sure you only sit on the pod when it turns green.

NOTE: Bumping into the ladybug will teleport you back to the start of the maze

Step 9

Sit on one of the massage chairs to receive your first badge then you will teleport.

Step 10

Enter the teleporter.

Step 11

Walk through the gate and wait for the game to start.

Step 12

You have 30 seconds to complete this. Step on five of the same flower patches. The first patch you step on as soon as you enter the game area will be the type you need to collect, and a wired message will tell you which one it is. Once done, you will teleport automatically.

NOTE: This can be played with other people at the same time however you are to collect your own 5 flowers

Step 13

Enter the teleporter.

Step 14

Complete the flower maze by following these steps:

  1. Cross to the other side of the room while avoiding the moving weeds.

2. Enter the gate and quickly sit on the pillows to reach the other side.

3. Continue the maze by avoiding the moving weeds again until you reach the last part of the room.

Step 15

Take a seat on any of the garden chairs to receive your final badge.