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Building Basics: Invisible Furni

Written by: GTECH6 / Graphic by: GTECH6


In this article, you will learn about the invisible furniture, which was released on Habbo in December 2023. As of March 2024, there are 6 invisible furni in total.

What is Invisible Furni?

Invisible Furni are a new type of utility furniture – they can be used to add custom behavior to a tile, with the option to make them invisible by double-clicking the Invisible Furni Controller.

Invisible Furni List

Invisible Blocks

These 4 blocks are used to modify how users and furni can interact with a specific tile. 

At the moment, invisible blocks modify walking and stacking behavior.

Some uses include invisible walls, altitude wired, boppers, game area cleanups (there are more modern ways with selectors), and others.


Invisible Chair Tile

This tile is used to create a discreet, invisible seat. After using the invisible furni controller, the chair tile texture will disappear, allowing you to create an illusion where any furni can become a seat. Alternatively, you can also use it on an empty floor.

Invisible Click Tile

This tile allows you to click an invisible area in the room and trigger wired. This can be particularly useful in niche games.

Fun fact #1: When wearing a Wired/Freeze helmet or a Banzai pod, Habbo lets you click through users to stand on the tile behind them. If the entire area has click tiles, you can use that very click-through mechanic to trigger wired effects when directly clicking on someone’s avatar.

Fun fact #2: The Invisible Click Tile is one of the fastest wired triggers, meaning you could control a bot in the room with almost no delay.

A habbo who goes by the name “uzuki” uses the Invisible Click Tile in their Habbo Football League, which allows players to operate bots as famous footballers on the field. Have you ever wanted to be like Christiano Ronaldo? Now you can!

Besides playing with bots, another reason for doing this is to prevent packet-related cheating in normal Habbo Football.


Credits to uzuki