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Game Guide: Flower Cart Races

Written By: Kahterine / Graphics By: AWilson


Flower Cart Races is a famous game on Habbo that is primarily luck based. Players will be given a specific flower to get from the flower cart furniture and must race back and forth to their seat through the random banzai teleporters. The last player to return to their seat with the correct item gets eliminated until only one player remains, which will be the winner.

DISCLAIMER: every host may host this game slightly differently, so make sure you are always following their instructions.

How to Play

  1. Enter the game area, choose a vacant seat and wait for the host to start once all seats are full.
  2. Each round, pay attention when the host says “W/H” which means watch hand, before she names or picks a random flower from the cart.
  3. As soon as the host picks a flower, that will be your cue to start and step on the banzai until you reach the other side with the flower carts.
  4. Find a seat and double click the flower cart until you get the specific flower needed.
  5. Once you get your flower, race back to the side where you started.
  6. Last player to come back with the correct flower will be eliminated from the game.
  7. The game will go on until we have 1 player left, which wins the game.

NOTE: The following are the flowers available from the French Flower Cart; Bolly Flower, Red Rose, Black Rose, Sunflower, Hyacinth 1, Hyacinth 2, Jimson Weed, Pink Pandemic, Yellow Delight and Gift Flower


  1. Players must wait for the host’s signal before racing.
  2. Players must bring back the same exact flower the host has specifically asked.
  3. Players may not pass other players any flower they are holding.
  4. When a player comes back with a wrong flower, they can still go back to get the correct flower, provided that the round has not yet ended.
  5. Players must successfully be seated with the correct flower. 
  6. Even if a player gets the correct flower first, if they’re the last one to sit, they’ll still be eliminated.
  7. Host will be picking a different flower every round.
  8. Host must be attentive at all times to the players and the flowers brought back.
  9. The game will continue until there is only one player remaining.