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Game Guide: Battle Banzai

Written By: anna.williams / Graphics By: midgetbella


You may have noticed a lot of rooms with names like “Battle Banzai” while exploring Habbo. This is a well-liked game since Habbos can play either against a friend or in a team to work together to win. The minimum and maximum player counts are two and twenty, respectively.

The object of the game is to colour-code as many Banzai Arena Tiles as you can to match your team’s colours. You must stand on a tile with your Habbo and your bouncing ball three times to convert to your colour. Just keep reading if it seems incomprehensible at this point.

How the Game Works

You will pass through a banzai portal for the team of your choice to obtain a bouncing ball. The colour is determined by the colour of the gate you stepped on, with each team having a different colour: Blue, Purple, Yellow or Green. 

You must bounce three times on a banzai tile to earn points and prevent other teams from gaining those points by doing the same. Aim to create a shape or form that will capture each tile within, and to get points for your team with minimum effort. This is a smart move since it will enable your squad to score a lot of points quickly.

The objective of the game is to have as many of your team’s colours on the tiles as possible. The winning teams’ locked tiles flash on and off after the allotted time has passed or when every tile in the room has been locked, and the winning team automatically waves. The game then resets and all of the tiles turn off so that a new game can be started.

There should be a maximum of five players per side to ensure fairness. 

How to Host

To demonstrate that you are the host and in command, you should first position yourself somewhere where you can be easily seen, without being blocked by others.

Players will start entering to play as soon as the entrance is opened to the public. They can start bouncing on their bouncing ball after joining without this impacting the game. When you’re ready and have explained to players how to play, you should be ready to begin!

The Banzai Arena Tiles will change to a lighter shade of grey when you start the game. The players participating in the game must then turn as many tiles their colour as they can before the timer runs out.

The team with the highest score when the timer runs out, or when all the tiles have been claimed, wins the round!