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Game Guide: Classic Bank Game

Written By: Kahterine / Graphics By: AWilson


Bank Game is one of the popular luck-based games you will most commonly encounter on Habbo as it is one of the games frequently hosted up to now. This is a multiplayer game in which every player starts with the same amount of coins and then takes turns rolling a dice that will be passed around by the host. Players who lose their coins will get eliminated out of the game. The goal is to be the last player remaining to win.

DISCLAIMER: every host may host this game slightly differently, so make sure you are always following their instructions.

How to Play

  1. Enter the game area, choose a vacant seat and wait for the host to start once all seats are full.
  2. When the game starts, the host will pass around a dice for players to roll one at a time and each number will determine a specific action (usually announced or posted in stickies).
  3. Once the dice has been placed beside or behind you, you are to roll it, and you will get or do based on the outcome of your dice. 
  4. Players who lose all their coins, including getting bankrupt or p2k-ed will be eliminated out of the game.
  5. The last player remaining wins.


  1. Each player starts with an amount of coins.
  2. Players must roll the dice when it’s their turn.
  3. Players must follow the result of the dice, each number corresponds to an action, which is commonly as follows:
    1 – Gain (gain a coin)
    2 – Lose (lose a coin)
    3 – P2K (pick a player to kick out of the game)
    4 – Bankrupt (you lose all your coins and eliminated of the game)
    5 – Steal (you get to steal a coin from a player)
    6 – Donate (you have to donate a coin to a player)
  4. The game will continue until there is only one player remaining.
  5. The last player remaining will get to take home the coins left on their stack.

NOTE: Some other hosts offers ‘big gains’ on the first round, meaning if you roll a 1, you will be asked to re-roll again and the number you get again will determine which from the 6 big gains you will be getting, so instead of gaining just a coin, you will be gaining something bigger.