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Game Guide: Danger Zone

Written By: Lagoonin / Graphics By: d-gen


Danger Zone is a very wired-heavy, skill-based game. It is somewhat rare to see nowadays but it is plenty of fun!

The point of the game is to last until the end, where the gate to the final seat will be opened up, you sit in the seat and you are declared the winner! The whole game is only 3 minutes long but can sometimes end up with no winner. If you don’t win the first time you can always try again!

DISCLAIMER: every host may host this game slightly differently, so make sure you are always following their instructions.

How to Play

  1. Enter the game area
  2. Once the game has started, furni items (usually shown at the side) will come into the game at regular intervals
  3. Avoid colliding with the moving furni or you will be teleported out of the game 
  4. Move around the play area by using the banzai teleporters and by sitting on the chair
  5. Once the gate opens (the time will be announced by the host), sit on the seat
  6. The first person who sits on the seat will win!


  1. You can sit on chairs next to people to block them, but just remember that they can also do the same to you!
  2. Do not block the banzai teleporters, move off of them as soon as you get teleported