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Game Guide: Melting Carpets

Written By: Ayain / Graphics By: d-gen


We’re taking you back to one of Habbo’s old-school games, Melting Carpets! It’s also known as Don’t Hit the Floor. This game is operated manually by the host or wired. This is an easy-to-play game which will definitely make you want to go for many rounds!

DISCLAIMER: every host may host this game slightly differently, so make sure you are always following their instructions.

How to Play

  1. The game has a total of 6 carpets with a corresponding number. For each round, you will have the chance to pick which carpet to stand on so choose carefully! Your main goal is to avoid touching the floor without the carpets on.
  2. Once the host announces to lock in your positions, do not move. Moving may cost you a disqualification!
  3. Using an available dice furniture, the host will begin to roll. The number given will either remove or bring back the mat with that corresponding number.
  4. Those who are standing in the carpet that has been removed will be out of the game.
  5. New rounds will continue on until there is a last-man standing – this will be declared as the winner!


  1. Special effects on Avatars to prevent touching the mats while in game is strictly not allowed and may result in elimination.
  2. Once the host starts to roll the dice, you have to stay in place. Changing positions isn’t allowed!