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Game Guide: Mole Game

Written By: ChickenFajita, / Graphics By: d-gen


Mole Game is a great game to play in just a few minutes! It is very simple to host and play. Usually played with eight or more players, Mole Game is essentially a game of “find the killer.” 

DISCLAIMER: every host may host this game slightly differently, so make sure you are always following their instructions.

How to Play

  1. Once you have all people in, choose one to be the mole. Once chosen, whisper to them that they are the mole. I suggest you are on a seat so that people cannot see you turn when you click your mole. 
  2. Announce that you have chosen your mole.
  3. Have everyone whisper you a name. Your mole is going to give you a name of someone to eliminate from the game. The others are going to guess who the mole is. 
  4. Once you have received a whisper from all (or most) players you will announce the number of votes that the mole received. Then, one of two things will happen.
    1. If the simple majority of players have identified the mole, the mole is eliminated and the person they voted to eliminate stays in the game. The mole is revealed and you choose a new one, starting the process over.
    2. If the mole was not identified by a majority, then you announce that the mole was not found and you announce who the mole eliminated. That person is removed from the game. Then you can give players time (usually a minute or two) to discuss who they think the mole is. 
  5. Play continues until the mole has been voted out or has eliminated all other players!


  1. All votes to the host must be completed in whisper.
  2. Should players not submit their guesses to the host, the host is able to remove after two rounds of no participation (at the host discretion). 
  3. Remember those that are actively involved in the game – you should not count the votes of those that are not within the playing area.