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Game Guide: STAB

Written By: daisyxsun / Graphics By: Eils


STAB is a fast-paced game that challenges your brain. You have to be quick, precise, focused and strategic to win. This game has been around for so long, yet remains one of the most iconic games in Habbo Hotel. It is recommended you play this game with a strong internet connection, because if you lag, there’s a high chance you might lose. Usually played with four or more players, STAB will need you to focus on the game to avoid answering on the wrong order.

How to Play:

  1. The players will stand in a line or be seated, but they cannot overlap one another.
  2. Host will explain the variations for STAB, including punctuation and spelling.
  3. Players are to whisper the host the name of the person they’d like to eliminate or stab.
  4. If you whisper to the host on the wrong variation, you will be out.
  5. The winner is determined with the best out of three rounds. This is done out loud, however it is up to the host.


  1. The names have to be whispered.
  2. You must follow what the host says at all times.
  3. If the username is spelled incorrectly, it does not count.
  4. Not participating at all for three rounds consecutively could result in getting kicked from the game (at the host’s judgement)
  5. Remember who’s playing and who is not. Whispering the wrong name could make you lose.