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Wired Basics: Add-Ons

Written by: GTECH6 / Graphics by: GTECH6

Wired Basics



In this article, you will learn what Wired Add-Ons do and how to use them in your room. You will also learn a few useful examples.

If you’re looking for information on a specific add-on, head to the “List of Add-Ons” table at the end of this article.

What is a Wired Add-On?

A Wired Add-On makes minor adjustments to wired effects.

Add-Ons can make simple adjustments such as slowing down movement animation or randomizing which effect will be used, or as complex as logic gates. Take a look at the full list!


Without “Carry User”With “Carry User”
Without “Movement Physics”With “Movement Physics”
Without “Animation Time”With “Animation Time”

List of Add-Ons

Image Add-On NameDescription
Carry UsersCauses effects to carry users alongside the moving furni.
Movement PhysicsAdjusts how furni moves.
Can be set to move through furniture, maintain altitude, move through users, or NOT move through furniture.
Cancel Move AnimationCancels the transition animation, causing the moving furni to blink to its destination.
Animation TimeAdjusts the time duration of transition animation, causing the moving furni to move either very fast or very slow.
Execution LimitConfigures how often a wired stack can be executed within a configurable time span. 
Example: Useful if dozens of users in your room types out the same keyword at the same time.
Random EffectPicks a configurable number of effects at random. Can also be set to avoid effects from a configurable number of last executions.
Unseen EffectCauses the wired stack to activate one effect every execution. When the stack executes next time, it will activate one of the previously unused effects.
At least one condition is true
Allows you to create logic gates for conditions. For example:
– Require the stack to meet EXACTLY 3 out of 5 conditions for the effect to execute
– Require the stack to meet LESS THAN 2 conditions for the effect to execute
– Require NONE of 4 conditions to meet for the effect to execute