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Wired Basics: Triggers

Written By: GTECH6 / Graphics By: GTECH6

Wired Basics



In this article, you will learn what Wired Triggers do and how to use them in your room. You will also learn a few useful examples.

What is a Wired Trigger?

A trigger listens for a specific event in the room, in order to activate an effect.

In other words, a trigger will only activate a wired effect if a specific event has occured.

Triggers can be as basic as an avatar walking on a furni, or an avatar saying a specific keyword. There are also more complex trigger events which will be covered in the list of triggers.


User Walks On Furni + Teleport To Furni = When a user stands on a selected furni, they get teleported to another furni

Furni is Used + Toggle Furni State = When a user flicks the switch, the gate will open or close

User Performs Action + Show Message = When a user starts idling, the wired will send them a message, waking them up without the need for the user’s intervention

List of Triggers

ImageTrigger NameDescription
User Walks on FurniActivates when the user stands on a specified furni. Bots and pets work too.
User Walks Off FurniActivates when the user steps off a specified furni. Bots and pets work too.
User Says KeywordActivates when the user sends a message that matches a specific keyword.
User Performs ActionActivates when the user performs any of the following actions:
Wave, Blow Kiss, Laugh, Thumbs up, Awake, Idle, Sit, Stand, Lay, Signs, Dance.
User Enters RoomActivates when a user enters the room.
User Stuff CollisionActivates when furni collides with a user. However, furni can’t be picked inside this box, meaning it applies to all collisions in the room.
Another wired stack is needed to move furni around, before the User Stuff Collision trigger can work.
Furni is UsedActivates when the user interacts with furni through “Use” or double-click.
Commonly used with switches or handitem vendors. The user needs to stand next to the interactable furni for this trigger to work, with some exceptions.
User Clicks FurniActivates when the user performs a single click on a furni, regardless of distance.
Repeat Effect (Short)Automatically activates every 50 – 500 milliseconds (500ms = 0.5 seconds). Duration can be customised.
Repeat EffectActivates every 0.5 – 60 seconds. Duration can be customised.
Periodically LongAutomatically activates every 5 seconds – 10 minutes. Duration can be customised.
Bot Reaches UserActivates when a bot reaches any user.
This trigger has an option which allows you to decide whether the effects apply to the user or the bot.
Bot Reaches FurniActivates when a bot reaches a specified furni.
At Set TimeActivates when a game counter reaches specified time. This trigger only works with game counters. It can detect up to 10 minutes.
Counter Reaches Set TimeActivates when a wired counter reaches specified time. This trigger works with both game and wired counters. In addition, it can detect up to 100 minutes.
Game StartsActivates when a game counter starts ticking. This trigger only works with Battle Banzai and Freeze counters.
Game EndsActivates when a game counter goes down to 00:00. This trigger only works with Battle Banzai and Freeze counters.
Score is AchievedActivates when a specific team has reached x points. Can be customised.
Furni State is ChangedActivates when the state of a furni changes. The state of a furni can be changed by double-clicking it as a user, or through certain wired effects.
Receive SignalActivates effects upon receiving wired signal from an antenna.
Signals allow for more complex logic and comparisons.
User Clicks TileActivates when a user clicks a selected “Invisible Click Tile”