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Wired Guide: Use Item to Teleport

Written by: Present / Graphic by: Nuela


Would you like to learn the basics and teleport your avatar to a different area of the room? With this simple and easy guide, you can do just that!

What You Need

  1. 1x WIRED Trigger: Furni Is Used
  2. 1x WIRED Effect: Teleport To Furni
  3. 1x Floor Switch 2 or item you can change state
  4. 1x Romantic Chair or furni you want the player to teleport to

Step 1

Place down 1x WIRED Trigger: Furni Is Used. For this tutorial, we have placed a floor switch. This will be the furniture that the player uses to teleport.

Step 2

Place down 1x WIRED Effect: Teleport To Furni. We are using a Romantic Chair; however, you can use any piece of furniture.

GIF Preview

Thank you for viewing our wired guide. Be sure to read our other guides for tips and tricks!