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Player Safety: Bullying and Harassment

Player Safety: Bullying and Harassment

Written By: -Grogu, GoodTop, Hartlam & ChristianM.0498 / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97

Introduction –
What is Harassment and Bullying?

Bullying and harassment are as prevalent as ever in the age of information with nearly unlimited access to the internet on a global scale. From a school desk by a peer, on your cell phone on the couch, or even in Club NX, most readers can claim to be victims of bullying or harassment in the past and were able to overcome their struggle.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common strategies for handling different situations related to bullying and harassment. Afterwards, we’ll highlight some tips provided by some readers like yourself and members of our sister organization, USDF. Stick around (or scroll ahead) if you would like some resources on handling bullying online that may come into use for you.

Common Strategies for Handling Situations

Unfortunately, even in Habbo, there may be a time when you encounter bullying or harassment and are unable to leave your environment. Thankfully, Habbo makes handling these situations easier through the use of tools in-game when encountering such a situation.

If you’re in a room and recognize you’re in a situation where you’re being bullied or harassed, it’s best to ignore and report if necessary. By clicking on their avatar, you can click  “Ignore” on the drop-down menu, which will mute the individual. If you feel like what they said violated the Habbo Way, report them as well! 

If you’re in a room you own, you can utilize room moderation tools such as kicking or banning them as well. You should also utilize Habbo’s report features in other rooms across the hotel if you feel they are acting in a harmful way and Habbo will review this.

To report someone, click on their Habbo avatar and view the opened drop-down menu. Select Report and specify what has happened. Habbo Staff will look into the report and take action as necessary, so be as detailed as you possibly can.

We asked a range of USDF members for tips and tricks on how to handle bullying and harassment, here is what they had to say:

What tips do you have for others on how to handle bullying or harassment?

Resources to Handle Bullying Online

Here are some additional online resources to assist you in instances of bullying or harassment:

  •  – A U.S. Federal Government resource on handling bullying and harassment with an emphasis on in-school based assistance.
  • Anti-Bullying AllianceAnti-Bullying resources based specifically in the United Kingdom.
  • Habbo Help PageOfficial Habbo Help Page detailing how to ignore, report, use in-room moderation tools, and additional resources to safety tips.
  • Habbo Support PageOfficial Habbo Help Tool to view FAQs and create support ticket requests directly with Habbo Staff.


A huge THANK YOU to the individuals mentioned who helped contribute tips for this article: 
_Culture_, KarturoW, Roboroads, Fruitituttii, calio3345, and the anonymous contributions.

Bullying and harassment is a serious issue that can affect anyone. We hope that this article has been informative and provides you a stepping stone in understanding how to handle bullying and harassment. By remembering the common strategies for handling bullying and harassment situations, listening and reflecting on highlighted tips from others, and utilizing the resources when needed – we can all help put an end to bullying and harassment.