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Player Safety: Password Managers

Written By: -Grogu & GoodTop
Graphics By: Beth & -Eils


As players, we should always aim to make sure our Habbo accounts are as safe as possible. Keeping our accounts safe ensures our personal details, Habbo items and Credits do not fall into the wrong hands! One of the most effective ways players can keep their Habbo accounts protected and secured is by having a strong password and somewhere safe to store it. A common mistake that players make when creating an account is re-using the same password that they use for other sites or using very simple passwords, this can be avoided by using something called a ‘Password Manager’!

What is a Password Manager?

If you haven’t heard of this term before, you may be thinking, what is a password manager? Is it a pocket virtual assistant that manages my passwords? Almost. A password manager is an application that can store all of your passwords in a safe and encrypted way. This means that the passwords are scrambled into code that hackers and trolls would not be able to read or use.

Some password managers can also recommend a random long and complex password for you to use when making an account and then will store it for you so that you don’t have to try to remember all of your passwords. On top of this, password managers can help decide how strong your passwords are by providing a free security check. The following aspects are what build up a strong, complex and safe password:

  • 8-12 characters in length
  • A mixture of uppercase and lower case characters
  • Contains special characters
  • Has no predictable pattern
  • Contains numbers

How much does a reputable Password Manager cost?

Just like other applications and online tools, password managers may sometimes come with a monetary cost, however, in this guide, we will provide the names of some of the popular cost-free options for you. After all, protecting your account and information should not have to come with a price. The paid options will do a very similar job to the free ones, just with improved features and extra tools. Even though our examples of password managers are popular and well-rated, we do not directly endorse these products and you should always do your own research and use your best judgment when dealing with online safety. 

Reputable Password Managers

  1. DashLane
    • Offers a password generator, automatic form filling, universal login, 2-factor authentication, and a backup system.
  1. 1Password
    • Offers a 2-factor authentication, secure attachment viewing, custom field storage, multiple vaults, master password, and works best with an iOS device.
  1. KeePass
    • Offers a password generator, multiple user keys, automatic form filling, and multi-language storing.
  1. Google Password Manager
    • Google offers a Password Manager integrated into Google accounts. Google will suggest complex and unique passwords for you to use and will allow you to save them to your account. It is HIGHLY encouraged that you exercise maximum security with your Google account should you choose to use this feature – attaching 2FA authentication is recommended.

Now that I know what a Password Manager is, how do I use one?

With a password manager, you only need to remember one password to access your application – make sure to use a valid email address in the event you need to recover this password. Some of the applications will let you use a master password or PIN instead of a complex password, which makes logging in much more straightforward. The master password should be easy to remember but not something other people would be able to guess. Once you log in you can use the software to store multiple passwords for a range of websites and then the password manager will fill in your credentials automatically without you having to remember each complex password. 


As previously mentioned in the Player Safety Introduction article, and explained in detail here, it is very important to have a strong password to further improve your security and to save the password in safe places to ensure integrity and secrecy.

We hope this article has been helpful, for more information visit our Player Safety page to read our articles and receive some tips on how to keep yourself secure while playing Habbo.