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Game Guide

Game Guide: Fridge Game

Written By: Lagoonin / Graphics By: Anna.Marie97 Introduction Fridge Game is one of the most popular games to be hosted in recent days, primarily due to its simplicity and often, its speed. It can also be played by any number…

Game Guide: Melting Carpets

Written By: Ayain / Graphics By: d-gen Introduction We’re taking you back to one of Habbo’s old-school games, Melting Carpets! It’s also known as Don’t Hit the Floor. This game is operated manually by the host or wired. This is…

Game Guide: Danger Zone

Written By: Lagoonin / Graphics By: d-gen Introduction Danger Zone is a very wired-heavy, skill-based game. It is somewhat rare to see nowadays but it is plenty of fun! The point of the game is to last until the end,…

Game Guide: Mole Game

Written By: ChickenFajita, / Graphics By: d-gen Introduction Mole Game is a great game to play in just a few minutes! It is very simple to host and play. Usually played with eight or more players, Mole Game is essentially…

Game Guide: Balloon Game

Written By: Lagoonin / Graphics By: d-gen Introduction Balloon Game is an extremely commonly played game, you can see it hosted in USDF HQ and other hotel rooms! So of course this guide was overdue being written, so here it…

Game Guide: Battle Banzai

Written By: anna.williams / Graphics By: midgetbella Introduction You may have noticed a lot of rooms with names like “Battle Banzai” while exploring Habbo. This is a well-liked game since Habbos can play either against a friend or in a…

Game Guide: STAB

Written By: daisyxsun / Graphics By: Eils Introduction STAB is a fast-paced game that challenges your brain. You have to be quick, precise, focused and strategic to win. This game has been around for so long, yet remains one of…

Game Guide: FREEZE!

Written By: zack436 / Graphic By: zack436 What is FREEZE? FREEZE! is a brand new game that you can make in your own room! You can play this game with 4 teams with up to five players each. The purpose…